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We must admit, we were quite nervous when we released Wire last week. After secretly working on Wire for so long it’s a bit scary to finally let it loose into the wild and see if it can stand on its own legs. But we are very happy that Wire is so well received!

We really enjoyed reading all your nice comments, like this one from @mongo_zen:
"Dear @Resolume wire, im climbing inside your patch cables and never leaving. I live here now."

Anton Marini, the creator of Syphon, better known as @_vade in the VJ community writes:
"Wow, gotta hand it to @Resolume - Wire looks fantastic. I feel like it's something I would want to work with. Well done. Plus the ability to compile out closed source patches seems awesome."

Thank you to everyone for giving Wire such a warm welcome!

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But of course, as with any new product you also have a lot of questions. Our video course should be your starting point, followed up by our articles. The video course is expanding daily so keep an eye out on our YouTube channel. Want to go more in-depth into animation or instancing? Just grab the tutorial series built into Wire. Note that you can always right click a node and open the example patch for that specific node.

Join us on Slack
You can always head over to our Slack community to talk directly to other users, our customer support team and the developers themselves.

Live Stream on Thursdays
We enjoyed our live stream last week so much that we are making it a weekly thing! Join us this week Thursday for the latest on Wire, Arena, Avenue, Juicebar and Alley.

phpBB [video]

Show and Tell
And please, pretty please, show us some of your work! We are curious to see what you guys and gals are cooking up!

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