Resolume 7.7 🔥 Multiple Monitors ❤️ Effect Favorites 🌈 Color Picker

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Yesss, here is a jam-packed Resolume 7.7 release! You can now make multiple preview monitors, favorite your effects & sources and Wire now has a gorgeous new color picker 💪

Multiple Preview Monitors
You can now make as many preview monitors as you like. Become a creepy surveillance guy and spy on all your layers, groups and your composition at the same time in Avenue and Arena. Right click on a monitor to duplicate it and use the cogwheel at the bottom right to change what you want to monitor. In Wire you can now also create multiple preview monitors and pin them to any node you like.
Effect & Source Favorites
With so many effects and sources you are sure to have some favorites. With the release of version 7.7 you can now favorite your effects and sources. Simply click the heart icon to favorite an effect or source and they will show up at the top of the lists, within easy reach.
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Wire Color Picker
Wire got a new color picker! You can now also construct colors with HSB-sliders, lock colors in a palette and use the built-in color harmonies to create tight designs. All color pickers (yes, Arena and Avenue too) can now be locked horizontally by holding down the SHIFT-key or vertically by holding down the ALT-key
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Avenue & Arena 7.7.1 Fri, 10 Dec Fix List
#16685 Arena/Avenue 7.7 crashes sometimes on startup (with this recentLayout)
#16727 Arena/Avenue 7.7 Crash trying to load another layout (after this one)
#16731 Undocking a panel repeatedly will take longer each time

Avenue & Arena 7.7.0 Fix List
#16375 Test Card Shortcut: Command + Shift + L (♥ Arvol)
#16216 Press ESC to cancel drag action
#16407 Default is missing from Transform's presets
#16565 Make SMPTE and Denon transport modes available for Wire patches
#16628 Clips sometimes change direction when adjusting composition speed
#16421 Crash clicking Transform's preset button while composition is still loading.
#16360 Dragging panel above another, increases panel group width
#16167 Fixture not fitting in spanned universes gives error to enable universe spanning
#16278 Undoing Clear clips on an inactive deck doesn't restore clips in the deck
#16325 Rendering multi selection of clips which have the same name, you get only one render file
#15968 Effect and source previews disconnect when moving mouse around over layers
#16376 Dropping multiple cwired to Resolume they don't get installed

Wire 7.7.1 Fri, 10 Dec Fix List
#16699 Wire 7.7 crashes sometimes on startup on the M1 Max

Wire 7.7.0 Fix List
#16567 Distortion example
#16134 Inserting crossfader into texture causes crash
#16344 Replacing Video source/ Texture node with HUB breaks connections
#16587 Same version number for Arena, Avenue, Alley and Wire: 7.7.0

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads page.

Posted by bart on Tuesday November 23, 2021 at 12:16
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