Resolume 7.11 | Apple Silicon Compatible & Delay Effects

Version 7.11.0 is a universal build on macOS. This means that it will run the native ARM architecture on macs with Apple silicon and it will run the native Intel architecture on macs with an Intel processor. All our software already ran great on M1 macs because those machines are very fast and efficient and because Rosetta emulation works just fine. This new universal build does not bring much performance gain on an M1 machine but it's nice to have it running natively without emulation.

FFGL plugins also need be compiled universally to work in a universal app. So when you use 7.11 on an M1 Mac then you need to make sure your FFGL plugins are also universal builds. If it's not possible to update the FFGL plugins then it's still possible to run a universal build in Intel mode on an M1 mac using Rosetta emulation using these instructions. For FFGL developers we have updated the examples and added compile instructions on GitHub.

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Delay Effects
Travel back in time! The Buffer and Ring Buffer nodes now accept texture2d so you can create delay effects with Wire. Delays are a lot of fun but do be careful with long delays because they eat VRAM for breakfast.

Arena & Avenue 7.11.3 Fix List
- #17452 Juicebar effects are always watermarked

Arena & Avenue 7.11.2 Fix List
- #17439 Asio Audio devices are not available any more in 7.11

Arena & Avenue 7.11.0 Fix List
- #14969 Slice color control sliders used to be colorized
- #16458 Record can't be hidden
- #16504 DXV export and import doesn't work in premiere and AME on M1, works fine in AE
- #16948 Previewing sources, they get stretched in Source preview, to the composition aspect ratio
- #17140 Param set to Timeline can have empty space below
- #17211 Fix default keyboard shortcuts for column triggering
- #17239 Disappearing Blending Modes selector on layer effects
- #17266 Don't show dropdown in Arena when Choice In has no options
- #17270 Blend mode dropdown can overlay output
- #17278 Slices View (ScreenLayerView) missing from Wire Slice Mixers
- #17351 Third party VST effects which are missing don't show as missing in the panels
- #17416 Denon Clip "Player" param does not save / load correctly
- #17262 Image conversion in Alley can have corrupt frames

Wire 7.11.1 Fix List
- #17433 Slice Render doesn't work with instanced material

Wire 7.11.0 Fix List
- #16689 Add multi instanced and string mode for logic nodes like equal, and not equal, and Buffers
- #17085 Accept , for decimal point
- #17203 Fit to selection with CMD/CNTRL + 0
- #17256 Can middle mouse button always pan UI
- #17267 Change log file location on Windows
- #17300 Pasting gradient node resets it's inlets
- #17322 Stack should show as result when searching for "buffer" and "filo"
- #17370 Dropping a resource does not create the node underneath the mouse when zoom != 100%

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads.

Posted by bart on Thursday April 21, 2022 at 17:42
Comment from Babcom:

Thanks a lot for the Apple Silicon support! I had o lot of issues before with my M1 machine... So hopefully this will make a lot of difference : )

The delay effects seem like a nice add to by the way!

Comment from jim:

Congratulations guys on getting it out!!

Comment from emilesteginga:

Thanks a lot, this came really in time for me!!
I am so happy with how Resolume came to be to its current version!!!

Comment from zaniz:

Resolume running always @ 85 to 120 frames on the MBP M1MAX with 3 layers of 4k and lots of effects.
I can even run VDMX and Resolume at the same time without noticeable loss of performance, something unthinkable on my old and trust MBP 2017. All of this in in a hot Brazil summer.
Many thanks Resolume Guys, you are amazing!

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