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We welcome to the label REELTIME.GRAPHICS. They are a visual production platform dedicated to the art of loop and the use of real-time engines. Their first release LiquidChaos is a pack of full screen fluid animations with a metallic finish like a limousine.

NeonTak is a collaborative pack between Lior Sadeh and VJ Danny Malinkewicz and we like it 'cause we can almost hear these loops.

Shiva is the god of death, destruction and regeneration and is celebrated in February by the people of India. VersaTale prepared a series of renders for this date.


phpBB [video]

NeonTak by Lior Sadeh and VJ Danny Malinkewicz
phpBB [video]

Shiva by VersaTale
phpBB [video]

Posted by diana_gheorghiu on Thursday February 2, 2023 at 10:38
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