Resolume 7.14.0 Released | NDI Improvements, Grid Cloner, Attribute Flow, 2D Meshes, Vulkan 🖖 Alley

It's been a while since you last heard from us because 7.14 is one of the biggest updates in a long time. 7.14 improves NDI network streaming and adds a spanking new Grid Cloner effect for Arena & Avenue. Wire gets an all new Attribute Flow & 2D Meshes so you can create very fast cloners yourself. Alley has a completely rewritten rendering and video playback engine using Vulkan instead of OpenGL. And 7.14 also contains tons of bug fixes for all Resolume products. The fix list can be found below, but we had to trim it a bit as over 300 issues are solved in this release.

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Arena & Avenue

NDI Improvements
We fixed a handful of NDI bugs, updated to the latest 5.5 SDK, optimized the formats to YUV instead of RGB so it's now faster and uses less network bandwidth. Made alpha output optional and NDI outputs are now identified to run at the composition frame rate.

Grid Cloner
The Linear Cloner and Radial cloner got a new sibling called the Grid Cloner. The Grid Cloner has some cool shifting parameters, so make sure to give it a try. It's made in Wire of course so you can also clone this cloner to make your own cloner :clown:

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Attribute Flow
There’s a new flow in town! Attribute flow has joined signal and event flow and is indicated by a diamond-shaped inlet/outlet. Attribute flow allows you to change the attributes on nodes. Which means you can dynamically change the size of nodes like Linear, Sequence, Random, Buffer and Expand. This is a huge update to Wire and will make patches much more scalable. Make sure to check out the Attribute Flow example in Wire.

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2D Meshes
Say hi to 2D meshes! Hi 2D Meshes! Meshes allow you to project a material onto geometry. This opens up the doors to custom cloners, insane repeat effects, rudimentary particle systems and funky pattern generators.

The 2D update introduces a lot of new types like Geometry2D, Camera2D, Material, Mesh2D, Transform2D and Box2D. Learn all about them in the brand new Mesh2D example in Wire. The introduction of Camera 2D also updates the Shape Render to include a camera inlet.

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Translation & Rotation Flip
Previously, entering a negative Y value in a Transform or Move node moved a shape up, but this is not how most other software works, and it makes more sense to move an object down when entering a negative value. So we changed this to follow industry standard and common sense, entering a negative Y value now moved objects down in Wire. When loading an older patch we convert the patch and possibly insert a node or two automatically to make sure your older patches still work as expected. Rotation is now also going in the other direction, so a negative value is now rotating clockwise, this follows the industry standard for a right-handed coordinate system.

Choice In Deprecation & Suffixes
This update deprecates two nodes: Choice In and Pack. Deprecation means that the nodes still work, but cannot be created anymore.

The Choice In node is no longer needed as the Int In node now can function as a Choice In node. By adding option counts you can create button and drop-down menus like the Choice In node did. But the Int In is much more flexible in the values that can be assigned to the options and the UI is much cleaner.

Float and Texture Constructors & Convertors
As stated in the previous bit, we are also deprecating the Pack node. We found that many new users found the Pack node confusing and as we are introducing new types the Pack node required a lot of maintenance.

Therefore we are moving to a more logical system of constructors and convertors. Nodes like Float2, Float3, Float4 and Texture allow you to construct that type out of smaller types and essentially replace the Pack node’s functionality. The to float2, to float3, to float4 and to texture nodes allow you to convert one type to another. This change might be a tad bit confusing for early adopters, but in our experience this workflow makes more sense and is much easier to teach to new users.


Bye Bye OpenGL, Hello 🖖 Vulkan
We are transitioning away from OpenGL to Vulkan which is a much newer cross-platform graphics API. Our first major step is now done. Alley runs entirely in Vulkan and does not use OpenGL anymore. Alley now converts video faster, has much improved H.264 playback and can now also output to Syphon or Spout.

Avenue & Arena 7.14.2 Fix List
- #18980 Firewire capture devices not recognized when plugged in while Arena is running on macOS
- #19073 Random parameter animation not animating when speed = 0
- #19080 Triggering this patch in Arena causes a crash often
- #19097 Wire transition not working correctly with transparency
- #19114 Blackmagic Decklink Quad output can mix up color channels

Avenue & Arena 7.14.1 Fix List
- #19042 Arena crashes when slice is dropped on this source patch

Avenue & Arena 7.14.0 Fix List
- #14243 A(+V) clips sometimes don't play part of the audio
- #13806 Scrubbing AV timeline with midi or OSC, audio position is not updated
- #18736 Crash selecting DMX fixture while editing the name of another one
- #18584 Crash changing shortcut range and selecting another shortcut
- #17969 Check for updates can crash Resolume on M1
- #9642 NDI output frame rate is hard coded to 60 fps
- #16985 NDI output FPS can fall with a high refresh display
- #16953 Acuarala now runs on system time instead of transport time
- #18174 NDI PTZ off by default
- #15300 Fixed a crash that happened while registering on old drivers and unsupported GPU’s
- #17332 Windows 11 is not identified properly in the logs
- #17921 UI actions are blocked during transition with many clip slots, and API enabled
- #18152 Skip effects when parameters are at default state
- #18520 Snapshot adheres to the composition settings
- #18379 mjpeg with weird resolutions play with colors shifted
- #18980 AVFoundation capture devices not recognized when plugged in while Arena is running

Wire 7.14.2 Fix List
- #19066 XY Oscilloscope throws openGL errors in 7.14.1
- #19121 Within/Outside node show OpenGL errors single channel textures
- #19099 Mesh 2D Node should follow the input's instance count

Wire 7.14.0 Fix List
- #16381 Add the ability to rename input params/nodes in the Dashboard
- #16786 Add “No Repeat” mode to Shuffle node.
- #16878 Crash on close cleaning up Composition Wire effects with slices in them
- #17213 Add a Change Case node to change the case of strings
- #17216 Deprecate Choice in and migrate to Int In
- #17228 Change resolution to work with absolute and relative systems
- #17405 Threshold node: Transparency of Color inlets is ignored
- #17488 Set constants like Pi, Tau and Euler to Attribute Flow
- #17614 Replace feedback scanner with slit scanner example
- #17851 Allow Step and Smooth Step node to be instanced
- #17862 Float2/3/4 constructor nodes
- #17863 Texture constructor node
- #17864 Deprecate Pack and migrate to Float2/3/4 and Texture nodes
- #17874 Expose Instance count for Random node as attribute
- #17901 Modify Wire Patch folders on save
- #17981 Allow Cross Product and Dot Product to be instanced.
- #17984 Add clock to Wire test card
- #18034 Resolution of Video Mixer gets reset to Patch Resolution
- #18084 Add suffixes to input nodes.
- #18150 Allow the instancing of Video Generators
- #18184 Hitting enter while inputting a string or value should not trigger the transport
- #18275 Text render spacing should keep center character at the same position
- #18284 Crop positions move off center with custom resolutions
- #18323 Timeline is suggested but can't connect
- #18324 Give the Round node the ability to handle Textures
- #18344 Limit Change Buffer & Ring Buffer sizes to prevent freezing
- #18430 Give the Span node the ability to handle Textures
- #16845 Reverse with Events, sends the event on all channels
- #18386 Rectangle with Size 1 should be half the width as a circle with Radius 1
- #16846 Replacing Switch with Gate can cause a crash

Alley Fix List
- #17421 Alley conversion presets missing on Windows
- #13525 Alley download speed drops sometimes
- #18194 Alley stops working when machine goes into sleep
- #18361 Command + Q no worky to exit Alley

Posted by bart on Tuesday March 7, 2023 at 15:27
Comment from cosmowe:

Ha....I was already thinking..."long time no update" 😅

thanks....I'll surely need some time to explore all of this new stuff.

You shortened the fix/add list....maybe its just me....but i am quite interested in the whole changelog.
Any chance to add it behind a link in the new Version reveal post? 😊

best wishes

Comment from satsi:

Hey Bart!

Any idea when we might see an update to the AJA SDK? :P

Comment from MarkyMark:

cosmowe wrote: Wed Mar 08, 2023 11:49 Ha....I was already thinking..."long time no update" 😅

thanks....I'll surely need some time to explore all of this new stuff.

You shortened the fix/add list....maybe its just me....but i am quite interested in the whole changelog.
Any chance to add it behind a link in the new Version reveal post? 😊

best wishes
Last time I checked we had over 300 fixes in this update. But a lot of those fixes won't mean anything to people outside of development. Some fixes get fixes, or get reverted. A whole changelog would be confusing for anyone who isn't a developer and could easily create unwanted expectations. This is why we stick to the important stuff in the changelogs.

Comment from cosmowe:

fair enough. Thanks for your reply!

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