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Checkout this new set of Max for Live patches that allow you to control Resolume from Ableton Live without requiring any tedious MIDI mapping. You can trigger clips and control parameters so once it's all set up all you have to do is concentrate on your music and effects in Live and Resolume will just follow.

Clip Launcher
This is a simple way to connect clips in Live to clips in Resolume. Simply drop it on a track in Live, and it will trigger clips in Resolume when you trigger clips in Live automatically. It corresponds exactly, so clip 1 in track 1 in Live connects to clip 1 in layer 1 in Resolume, clip 2 to clip 2 etc.
ClipLauncher.png (14.58 KiB) Viewed 58898 times
Parameter Forwarder
Dropping this guy behind an effect in an effect chain, will allow you to forward parameter information to Resolume. You can choose which parameter you want to forward from a dropdown, and send it to any parameter in Resolume by entering the OSC address.
ParameterForwarder.png (37.88 KiB) Viewed 58891 times
Resolume Dispatcher
The Dispatcher connects the Clip Launcher and Parameter Forwarder to Resolume. You always need to have an active Dispatcher in order to communicate between Live and Resolume (but you canʼt have more than one).
Dispatcher.png (15.71 KiB) Viewed 58898 times
Download v2.2, compatible with Resolume 6.
Download v2.3, compatible with Resolume 7.
Download v1.10, compatible with Resolume 5 and earlier.
Instructions PDF

Version 1.8 and up now also send BPM values and Start/Stop messages...
Dispatcher 1_8.png
Dispatcher 1_8.png (17.12 KiB) Viewed 50677 times
Thanks to Mattijs Kneppers from for creating these handy patches!

Posted by bart on Thursday July 21, 2011 at 15:23 Tags: Ableton * Max for Live
Comment from Basic:

Wow. Thanks guys... i can see a lot of nice tips and hints... can't wait for res 4!!! ccccc'mon!!!

Comment from newfuturenow:

Hi Mattjs
These plugins are Dope! . . youre clip launcher is particularly very great and very stable. I am missing one function tho' It would be awesome to have a plugin that can launch clips very fast, sequenced to midi key notes played within ableton - good visual fun for fast breakdowns! :) There is an M4L plugin on the forum which does just this here -


- but there is a conflict between the two projects one needs bundles enabled one doesnt.
So there is no chance of working them together.
How can i bribe you to create something similar? ;)

Comment from Mattijs:

Hi guys, thanks for the compliments!

Regarding bundles: it's not hard to modify the idiron patches to support this. I attached a modified version of the FFT to OSC patch that should do it. I recommend sending an email to the author to see if he's interested in making this upgrade permanent.

Another option would be for Resolume to build in automatic detection of bundles, which is part of the OSC protocol. The bundles setting in the preferences is essentially not necessary.


Comment from rxfromparis:

only one word : GREAT !!!! thx for sharing, great futur for AV prods :)

Comment from leolodreamland:

Mattijs wrote:Another option would be for Resolume to build in automatic detection of bundles, which is part of the OSC protocol. The bundles setting in the preferences is essentially not necessary.
2nded - please get rid of bundles!

Comment from leolodreamland:

btw marvellous stuff. if only i'd known about this last week!

Comment from leolodreamland:

ah the only problem is that the clip properties are focussed when triggered by osc. making it feel like resolume 2 all over again.

Comment from Joris:

Uncheck the box for 'Update clip panel on external triggers' found in the General tab of the preferences.


Comment from leolodreamland:

my bad. :oops: absolutely sweet. i wondered why bart's video didn't seem to be doing it...

Comment from XstaticVisuals:

This all sounds like serious awesomeness, but would one be able to run the AV show with Ableton controlling Resolume on just one MacBookPro.

That would be absolutley amazing.

Thanks for everyone's contributions to this thread.

Comment from leolodreamland:

shouldn't be a problem. i wouldn't run tons of vsti plugins in ableton. render it down to audio if possible. of course it depends on the spec of the mbpro. max out your ram.

Comment from VM_Nexus:

Can anyone tell me how to get the parameter forwarder to work with dummy midi clips? I have it set to watch a macro knob - if I turn the knob physically then it changes the parameter in both Live and Avenue. If I trigger the dummy clip then I can visually see the knob's position changing in Live (e.g. working normally as far as I can tell - the same way you'd do dummy clips for audio fx) but no signal is sent to Avenue.

Comment from oniromante:

This m4l paches are awesome,however i have experienced this BIG ISSUE Parameter Forwarder:
1)when i turn my knob in korg nanokontrol i send a cc midi order from 1 to 127,but in parameter forwader i can only get values o or 1.I have seen in the demo video the same values in both secctions of parameter values,and i can´t get that at all.I have tried korg kontrol editor without success.
In the midi secction i see 110 and in the osc section i see 0.7 for example
2)so i can´t get middles values for example in opacity slide in resolume,when i turn the knob i only see everything black or everything opaque.i can´t get proporcional ratio between midi and osc

thanks for the help and excuse my english
i love this tool y really need help

Comment from Joris:

Hi Oniromante

1. OSC signals need to be a value between 0 and 1, where MIDI signals are usually in the range 0...127. So the parameter forwarder will do some math to 'translate' the values to something OSC can work with. So 110 on MIDI could well mean something like 0.7 on OSC (probably something closer to 0.85, but you get the idea).
2. This shouldn't be the case. If you send a mail to, describing your setup, we can see if we can solve your problem.


Comment from oniromante:

Hi goto 10
thanks for your help.I will send that mail because i am really mad about this tool.
My setup is one pc with ableton and another pc with resolume in local network.I use audiobox presonus driver on audio pc with korg nanokontrol and asio4all driver in visual pc with resolume.Soon i will try to do this in just one pc...i dont know if this issue could be because of the network.The other m4l patches for resolume works great in my setup.
thanks again

Comment from leolodreamland:

Mattijs wrote:Regarding bundles: it's not hard to modify the idiron patches to support this.
no but it is hard to modify touchosc to support it. please enable auto detection of bundles in resolume, once again!

Comment from oniromante:

Finally i could solve my problem.i am a new osc user so i was making this mistake:when i copy the osc order from resolume,for example "/composite/video/effect1/param1/values f "to ableton parameter forward i copy the whole order and i was having trouble but is i copy only "/composite/video/effect1/param1/values" without "f" (from float i supose) is working it was that...thanks a lot for reading and for the help.It is working really really fast,much better than midi rewire with midiyoke!!!Awesome!!!It is working also with m4l patch for midi clock through osc,so at last i could do some own visuals.

this is my first visual (without effects but just wait for the second!!!)

Comment from Borister:

In the video there was a short hint of using the parameter forwarder to control the playhead. What do you think he was referring to that controls the playhead for the Ableton side? Is there any way to forward the Ableton playhead position to the playhead in Resolume? I know that the clip launcher does that, but if I set the cue point in Ableton, it does not translate to Resolume, even if I use the same exact mov file in both programs. Is there a way to 'lock' the playheads together via the parameter forwarder?

Comment from pbs99:

these m4l patches are fantastic!!!

+1 on the playhead/clip linking. would love to do clip mashing linked to cue points in resolume.... how cool would that be!

i'm trying to figure out a way to link the crossfaders in ableton and resolume via OSC. Has anyone done this successfully via these patches(i'm using an APC40)?

Comment from leolodreamland:

idiron can make the playhead jump about when certain notes are played using the MIDI to OSC patch...

Comment from TYLRbass:

pbs99 wrote:i'm trying to figure out a way to link the crossfaders in ableton and resolume via OSC. Has anyone done this successfully via these patches(i'm using an APC40)?
Here's what you need to do

First, map the APC40 crossfader (channel 1, CC 15) to the crossfader in Live ( I know this seems redundant but it will make sense in a second)

Then what I would do is create an empty Audio or MIDI Effect rack, and also map the physical APC40 crossfader (channel 1, CC 15) to one of these macros..

Then simply forward that macro to the crossfader in Resolume and voila, they are linked..

The reason you need to hard map the APC40 crossfader to the crossfader in Live is because once you make that Macro mapping it will over-ride the default mapping of the crossfader, and since we don't want to over-ride the default function we simply hard map it ourselves

Comment from TYLRbass:

I noticed that in the first version of these patches that playback and tempo is included.

v1.6 (from this post) does not include playback and tempo.

Was it not reliable? because compared to MIDI sync over IAC it seems to be very loose but I thought I might take a shot at copying the code from the original patches into these patches but I don't know enough about max 4 live to do this..

right now I'm basically using MIDI clock from Ableton to Resolume and then OSC from these Max 4 Live patches into resolume.. so MIDI for playback and tempo and OSC for clip trigger and parameter control.

Would be ideal to have playback/tempo and clip/control both on OSC but I'm not even sure how to go about syncing with OSC

Any plans for including playback and tempo in upcoming versions?

Thanks for the patches, this technique is WORLDS better than the manual MIDI routing that I had to do before this.

One more thing.. Would there be a way to give an Ableton clip an identifier (say [layer 1, clip 1] and have that trigger the corresponding clip in Resolume, instead of just going by the Ableton clip slot number?

Comment from visru:

I run both dispatchers so I have OSC sync. It works great.

Comment from leolodreamland:

visru wrote:I run both dispatchers so I have OSC sync. It works great.
can you attach the one with sync? thanks...

Comment from TYLRbass:

leolodreamland wrote:
visru wrote:I run both dispatchers so I have OSC sync. It works great.
can you attach the one with sync? thanks...
I'm assuming he is referring to these patches - viewtopic.php?t=6747

I thought they were made by the same person and this post was an update but I guess they are two entirely different sets of patches.. they do work simultaneously though, which is what I am doing for now.. Hopefully I will find the time to combine them into one system sometime soon..

I do not use the OSC sync because it was nowhere near as tight and reliable as MIDI but at the same time, I'd like to clean things up and use ONLY OSC rather than having to use 2 OSC dispatchers and MIDI sync

Comment from leolodreamland:

awesome, thanks, excited now...

Comment from visru:

I believe this question was asked previously. Is there a way to get the parameter forwarder to respond to clip envelopes? The ableton parameter responds, but the parameter forwarder doesn't. The parameter forwarder responds to changes with the mouse or assigned controller knob but not with automation. :(

Comment from Joris:

This is something which is better asked on the Ableton m4l forums.

Comment from gavspav:

@visru that's weird it works for me with clip envelopes.

@everyone else have you seen this development

Comment from TCO:

Am not able to get this work properly. Am on Windows 7 64 bit, with Live 32 bit.

1.Have set the OSC port in Resolume to respond
2. Have all the devices properly set up in Ableton
3. Am starting Ableton first then Resolume

Comment from dubtrack:

It is not working for me either. I'm on a Mac 10.10. Ableton Live 9.2. Resolume 4.21.
I can see that live 9 is transmitting into the trigger patch.
Any suggestions?


Comment from Joris:

Because you're dealing with multiple applications, the best way to troubleshoot OSC problems is to use OSCTestApp ( Mac ) or OSCMonitor ( PC ) to see if the values are actually being sent and what those values are.

That way you know if Live is sending anything at all, what Live is actually sending, and if Resolume should react to this.

Comment from hønse:

I'm using the "resolume clip launcher". However, as you can see in the video my clips doesn't trig at the same time. First layer 1 launches, then layer 3 and then layer 5. When I launch directly from Resolume there's no problem. Any idea about what's going on here? Thank you!!

Comment from p8guitar:

Does it work with Resolume 6?
The parameter forwarder seems to work. But the dispatcher doesn't sync the tempo. Do I have to set something special in the Resolume preferences to get this working?

Comment from caseyprice321:

Is the OSC message sent from Dispatcher or the Clip Launch? Where in the M4L program is the signal originating so I could modify it? It appears Resolume 6 may have altered OSC signals and broke the patch. Im a novice with OSC, so take my questions with a grain of salt. I opened OSCtestapp and the signal sent does not match Resolume 6's clip/column OSC strings. Any help on this would be awesome!

Comment from DHoude:

I may be wrong, but I think Ableton Link is what is used for tempo in Resolume 6.

Comment from DHoude:

To quote Zoltan: "Ableton Link is not exactly timecode, but rather the beatmark position, so yeah, it won't trigger any clips, but it will allow you to sync up two or more machines to the beat, so you can launch beat snapped."

I think that might be your answer

Comment from Denys:

If you want to try this, I think is a good solution to control Resolume6 from Ableton Live.
I only continue de work that Mattjis kneepers did, with extra added things.
Here is a downloading link: ... c-v-1-6-1/

If you try, let me know. Give me your feedback.


Comment from glenben:

i'm using clip launcher and am wondering if there is a way to trigger a specific clip. In live session view I'm on row 5 and want to start the first clip in resolume, right now, the only way i see is to put that clip on the 5th columne in resolume. Is there any other way?

Comment from

Hi, thirst i want to say nice work! Its incredible what you have done for us. :D

Can you help me with an issue?

When i asigne "01Resolue-DrumRackStop0.amxd" in the drumrack postiion D#2, i become problem that he doesent pick up the right Layer witch is labled in the Track. He always take Layer-1. Ableton project is attatched.

Ableton 10.1.30 + Push2
Resolume Arena Key 7.3.1 + APC40MK2

Special thanks and it would be nice to become a solution.

PS: Sry for my English! :roll:

Comment from

I have try it with New Project with Exact names "1-Layer".. but always same.. time comes were it play wrong Layers.

Comment from

Hi, i want to share my temporary solution. Its not solved but it work with some passion.
Just add not more than 8 Drumm Patterns. With all 16, i run in to error(Wrong Clips ar playing).

Comment from salmonovertuna:

Hi Sorry to knock on this after so long.

Does anyone own the v2.2 which links to Resolume 6?
The current link seems to be broken..

Comment from Zoltán:

The links seem to work fine for me.

Comment from salmonovertuna:

Have you tried the V2.2?
I could download the latest version but not the V2.2 .

Comment from Zoltán:

Yes, 2.2 works too.

Comment from Zoltán:

Try a different browser than Chrome,
or right click copy the link, and paste into the location bar manually.

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