Resolume 7.15 Released | Layer & Group Folding | Notes Panel | Dilate, Sharpen & Kuwahara Effects | Node Thumbnails 👍

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Version 7.15 introduces Layer & Group folding, which is a huge space saver in large compositions with numerous layers. There are three new effects: Dilate, Sharpen, and Kuwahara (no, we're not referring to the Japanese BMX bikes here). With the new Notes panel in Arena & Avenue, you can quickly jot down text like a to-do list or a DJ lineup. In Wire, you can now enable node thumbnails, making it incredibly easy to see what each node does in your patch, and, it just looks exceptionally stylish. Lastly, you can now also delay signals in Wire, not just textures.

Layer & Group Folding
Almost eight years in the making, we created the first UI Photoshop mockup for layer folding in 2015 for Arena 4, even before it had groups. But we shelved it back then because compositions did not yet contain many layers... fast forward to 2023 and it's not uncommon to see compositions with over 20 layers that just don't fit on a laptop screen anymore. You can now fold a layer to be much smaller, and when you fold a group, it completely hides all containing layers, giving you back a lot of precious screen real estate. Now don't use this as an excuse to add even more layers to your composition! To fold (and unfold) a layer or group, simply double-click on its name or click on the new - and + icons that will appear when you hover over a layer or group name.

Notes Panel
In the new notes panel in Arena & Avenue, you can quickly jot down text, like a to-do list while you're preparing a show. Or the DJ lineup for that night. Or an explanation for your coworkers on how the MIDI controller is configured. And so on. You can color the text and make it really big so you can also use it to inform the Front of House that it's time for lunch. 😋 You'll find this nifty Notes panel in the View menu.

Dilate, Sharpen & Kuwahara Effects
Kuwahara is a Japanese company that makes BMX bikes used in the original E.T. movie (fun fact!) but it's also a filter originally developed by Michiyoshi Kuwahara in the 70s to denoise medical imagery. Check out this great video by Acerola to learn more about its history and a technical explanation. In Arena, Avenue & Wire, you can use Kuwahara to make your content look like an oil painting and, combined with edge detection, make it look more like a cartoon. The Dilate effect expands or thickens regions of an image, also giving it a cartoony look. You already know what a Sharpen effect does, and we're happy to have it in the Resolume toolbox now as well.

Node & Resource Thumbnails
With node thumbnails, you can quickly see exactly what each node is doing, and it makes your patch look very sexy ;-) Right-click a node and you'll see the new thumbnail option in the node menu.

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Resolume 7.14.0 Released | NDI Improvements, Grid Cloner, Attribute Flow, 2D Meshes, Vulkan 🖖 Alley

It's been a while since you last heard from us because 7.14 is one of the biggest updates in a long time. 7.14 improves NDI network streaming and adds a spanking new Grid Cloner effect for Arena & Avenue. Wire gets an all new Attribute Flow & 2D Meshes so you can create very fast cloners yourself. Alley has a completely rewritten rendering and video playback engine using Vulkan instead of OpenGL. And 7.14 also contains tons of bug fixes for all Resolume products. The fix list can be found below, but we had to trim it a bit as over 300 issues are solved in this release.

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Arena & Avenue

NDI Improvements
We fixed a handful of NDI bugs, updated to the latest 5.5 SDK, optimized the formats to YUV instead of RGB so it's now faster and uses less network bandwidth. Made alpha output optional and NDI outputs are now identified to run at the composition frame rate.

Grid Cloner
The Linear Cloner and Radial cloner got a new sibling called the Grid Cloner. The Grid Cloner has some cool shifting parameters, so make sure to give it a try. It's made in Wire of course so you can also clone this cloner to make your own cloner :clown:

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Attribute Flow
There’s a new flow in town! Attribute flow has joined signal and event flow and is indicated by a diamond-shaped inlet/outlet. Attribute flow allows you to change the attributes on nodes. Which means you can dynamically change the size of nodes like Linear, Sequence, Random, Buffer and Expand. This is a huge update to Wire and will make patches much more scalable. Make sure to check out the Attribute Flow example in Wire.

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2D Meshes
Say hi to 2D meshes! Hi 2D Meshes! Meshes allow you to project a material onto geometry. This opens up the doors to custom cloners, insane repeat effects, rudimentary particle systems and funky pattern generators.

The 2D update introduces a lot of new types like Geometry2D, Camera2D, Material, Mesh2D, Transform2D and Box2D. Learn all about them in the brand new Mesh2D example in Wire. The introduction of Camera 2D also updates the Shape Render to include a camera inlet.

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Translation & Rotation Flip
Previously, entering a negative Y value in a Transform or Move node moved a shape up, but this is not how most other software works, and it makes more sense to move an object down when entering a negative value. So we changed this to follow industry standard and common sense, entering a negative Y value now moved objects down in Wire. When loading an older patch we convert the patch and possibly insert a node or two automatically to make sure your older patches still work as expected. Rotation is now also going in the other direction, so a negative value is now rotating clockwise, this follows the industry standard for a right-handed coordinate system.

Choice In Deprecation & Suffixes
This update deprecates two nodes: Choice In and Pack. Deprecation means that the nodes still work, but cannot be created anymore.

The Choice In node is no longer needed as the Int In node now can function as a Choice In node. By adding option counts you can create button and drop-down menus like the Choice In node did. But the Int In is much more flexible in the values that can be assigned to the options and the UI is much cleaner.

Float and Texture Constructors & Convertors
As stated in the previous bit, we are also deprecating the Pack node. We found that many new users found the Pack node confusing and as we are introducing new types the Pack node required a lot of maintenance.

Therefore we are moving to a more logical system of constructors and convertors. Nodes like Float2, Float3, Float4 and Texture allow you to construct that type out of smaller types and essentially replace the Pack node’s functionality. The to float2, to float3, to float4 and to texture nodes allow you to convert one type to another. This change might be a tad bit confusing for early adopters, but in our experience this workflow makes more sense and is much easier to teach to new users.


Bye Bye OpenGL, Hello 🖖 Vulkan
We are transitioning away from OpenGL to Vulkan which is a much newer cross-platform graphics API. Our first major step is now done. Alley runs entirely in Vulkan and does not use OpenGL anymore. Alley now converts video faster, has much improved H.264 playback and can now also output to Syphon or Spout.

Avenue & Arena 7.14.2 Fix List
- #18980 Firewire capture devices not recognized when plugged in while Arena is running on macOS
- #19073 Random parameter animation not animating when speed = 0
- #19080 Triggering this patch in Arena causes a crash often
- #19097 Wire transition not working correctly with transparency
- #19114 Blackmagic Decklink Quad output can mix up color channels

Avenue & Arena 7.14.1 Fix List
- #19042 Arena crashes when slice is dropped on this source patch

Avenue & Arena 7.14.0 Fix List
- #14243 A(+V) clips sometimes don't play part of the audio
- #13806 Scrubbing AV timeline with midi or OSC, audio position is not updated
- #18736 Crash selecting DMX fixture while editing the name of another one
- #18584 Crash changing shortcut range and selecting another shortcut
- #17969 Check for updates can crash Resolume on M1
- #9642 NDI output frame rate is hard coded to 60 fps
- #16985 NDI output FPS can fall with a high refresh display
- #16953 Acuarala now runs on system time instead of transport time
- #18174 NDI PTZ off by default
- #15300 Fixed a crash that happened while registering on old drivers and unsupported GPU’s
- #17332 Windows 11 is not identified properly in the logs
- #17921 UI actions are blocked during transition with many clip slots, and API enabled
- #18152 Skip effects when parameters are at default state
- #18520 Snapshot adheres to the composition settings
- #18379 mjpeg with weird resolutions play with colors shifted
- #18980 AVFoundation capture devices not recognized when plugged in while Arena is running

Wire 7.14.2 Fix List
- #19066 XY Oscilloscope throws openGL errors in 7.14.1
- #19121 Within/Outside node show OpenGL errors single channel textures
- #19099 Mesh 2D Node should follow the input's instance count

Wire 7.14.0 Fix List
- #16381 Add the ability to rename input params/nodes in the Dashboard
- #16786 Add “No Repeat” mode to Shuffle node.
- #16878 Crash on close cleaning up Composition Wire effects with slices in them
- #17213 Add a Change Case node to change the case of strings
- #17216 Deprecate Choice in and migrate to Int In
- #17228 Change resolution to work with absolute and relative systems
- #17405 Threshold node: Transparency of Color inlets is ignored
- #17488 Set constants like Pi, Tau and Euler to Attribute Flow
- #17614 Replace feedback scanner with slit scanner example
- #17851 Allow Step and Smooth Step node to be instanced
- #17862 Float2/3/4 constructor nodes
- #17863 Texture constructor node
- #17864 Deprecate Pack and migrate to Float2/3/4 and Texture nodes
- #17874 Expose Instance count for Random node as attribute
- #17901 Modify Wire Patch folders on save
- #17981 Allow Cross Product and Dot Product to be instanced.
- #17984 Add clock to Wire test card
- #18034 Resolution of Video Mixer gets reset to Patch Resolution
- #18084 Add suffixes to input nodes.
- #18150 Allow the instancing of Video Generators
- #18184 Hitting enter while inputting a string or value should not trigger the transport
- #18275 Text render spacing should keep center character at the same position
- #18284 Crop positions move off center with custom resolutions
- #18323 Timeline is suggested but can't connect
- #18324 Give the Round node the ability to handle Textures
- #18344 Limit Change Buffer & Ring Buffer sizes to prevent freezing
- #18430 Give the Span node the ability to handle Textures
- #16845 Reverse with Events, sends the event on all channels
- #18386 Rectangle with Size 1 should be half the width as a circle with Radius 1
- #16846 Replacing Switch with Gate can cause a crash

Alley Fix List
- #17421 Alley conversion presets missing on Windows
- #13525 Alley download speed drops sometimes
- #18194 Alley stops working when machine goes into sleep
- #18361 Command + Q no worky to exit Alley

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Resolume 7.13.2 Released | Hotfixes Are Now Free!

From now on all micro releases (major.minor.micro) are backdated to the previous major or minor release. So if your license was eligible for version 7.13.0 you're also eligible for version 7.13.2 even if your license has expired before version 7.13.2 is released. We think this is only fair and it keeps everyone on the most stable version as possible. Normally micro releases contain only a few bug fixes, but to celebrate this license change we did sneak in a tiny little new feature in Arena and one in Wire. If you're the first to find it then post a screenshot on social media with hashtag #resolume you'll win a grand prize! :-)

Minimum OS Requirements
Arena, Avenue, Alley and Wire version 7.13.2 now requires at least Windows 8.1 and macOS 10.14 Mojave.

What was New in 7.13 Again?
A LOT! Checkout the 7.13 release notes and the video below.

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Avenue & Arena Fix List
#16974 NDI can flash to old resolution and then breaks after a source size change
#18017 886x1916 NDI source doesn't play in Resolume
#17060 Crash alt + dragging monitor from main window to create duplicate in new window
#17904 Crash triggering clip to Free layer with Clip time panel enabled, and no free layers available
#17987 Crash replacing clip with another through the API
#18048 Avenue crash on shutdown
#17629 Update check still can happen after deactivating it in preferences
#17817 Creating lots of slices causes crash
#17839 BPM field accepts value outside 20-500 on second try
#17977 Offline registration no worky
#18020 Spinner should change value if you click slowly too
#18047 Not all NDI PTZ parameters are animatable
#18046 NDI PTZ Auto Focus parameter easily overlaps Focus parameter
#18158 Resolume can hang trying to play clip with missing track with Pioneer and Denon sync

Wire Fix List
#17811 Crash saving patch with PDF added as license
#17979 Crash replacing nodes from library
#16319 Watermark Wire MIDI & OSC outputs
#17715 Auto index Input node names if one with same name already exists
#17841 Moving slice input in dashboard, or adding a new input reverts Slice selection to none
#17919 Color selector in the node menu is misaligned
#17983 Do not replace Comment nodes

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads page.

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Resolume 7.13 | Clip Time Remaining, SMPTE Panel, Slice Fader & Scaling, Auto Node Layout Improvements

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Clip Time Remaining Panel
One of the most requested features on the forum is to show the clip time remaining much bigger in the interface. So we have created a dedicated panel for the clip time remaining where you can decide what playing clips to see the time of and you can show the current system time. You can make this panel very big and the text will scale along with it so that the entire FOH can read it from a distance 👀. This is super handy for tightly scripted shows where everybody needs to get their timing right.
Cliptime.png (32.33 KiB) Viewed 8773 times
SMPTE Input Panel
The SMPTE inputs on the toolbar in Arena were a bit small and not very readable from a distance. We have now moved the SMPTE inputs from the toolbar to a panel so you can make it a big as you like, just like the clip time panel.
SMPTE.png (25.46 KiB) Viewed 8773 times
Slice Fader
You can now fade the opacity of each slice individually in the Slice Transform effect. Map the slice opacity to your MIDI controller or even animate it to the beat.

Slice Scaling
In the Slice Transform effect you can now also set a different scaling for each slice, so you're not limited to Fit, Fill, Stretch or Mask for all your slices anymore. There is also a new Inverted Mask mode to actually show the pixels outside a slice and not inside.
SliceTransform.png (28.87 KiB) Viewed 8773 times
Multiple Wire Slice Inputs
You can now create multiple slice inputs for your Wire patches. This is nice for creating more complex Wire slice effects like applying different effects to groups of slices.

- + buttons on all parameters
Making small adjustments to any parameter is now much quicker because every parameter has - + buttons next to the slider. Handy!

Shift Click to Fold/Unfold All
Hold down Shift on your keyboard and then click on the fold arrow of an effect and it will fold (or unfold) all effects below it. This also works on the folding arrow for slices in the Slice Transform effect.

Auto Node Layout Improvements
The auto node layout feature that we introduced in beta in the previous version is now improved further and out of beta. This has become an essential tool for us to maintain our sanity in bigger patches.

Find Node
With the Find node you can find the position of the first or last occurrence of a substring in a string. Finding a needle in a haystack is actually very easy now.

Resolume 7.13.1 Fix List
#17894 Slice transform should update after Composition size change
#17914 Slice transform in masking mode ignores slice position and mask size
#17900 Many faders are not highlighted and don't show their shortcut in shortcuts mapping mode

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads page.

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Resolume 7.12 | Pioneer DJ Sync, CrossFader Phase, 3 New Effects, Auto-Layout for Nodes

Pioneer DJ Sync!
When using a Pioneer DJ mixer & players, you can automatically sync the audio played by the DJ to a video in Resolume Arena. Arena will keep an eye on what track is loaded in the player; when it sees a linked track, it will play the video for you. This way, your show will be totally automagically in sync. To use this integration you need the free Pioneer DJ Bridge app or ShowKontrol. Checkout all the details in this support article.

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Link parameters to CrossFader Position
When animating parameters you can now choose the Crossfader Phase as the driving force for your animation. Checkout this video to see it in action.
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3 New Effects
There are 2 new effects in Arena & Avenue: WarpSpeed & SearchLight. One new effect only for Arena that uses slices from the advanced output: Slice Delay. These new effects are created, and thus, editable in Wire so feel free to improve them to your needs.

Auto-layout for Nodes (beta)
Let's be honest, bigger wire patches often look like a big bowl of spaghetti meatballs. With wires criss-crossing all over the place, nodes all over the place it's a mess. But with the auto-layout you can now untangle that mess with the press of a button: CTRL+L. It tries to minimise cord crossing and nodes overlapping cords as much as possible to maximise readability of the patch. You can apply the auto-layout to only a selection of nodes or of course on the entire patch. Programming this auto-layout was a lot of fun but also very finicky because adding a new rule to improve certain patches actually makes other patches look worse. This is why we're introducing this as a beta feature. Please try it out and let us know how you think it can be improved on your specific patches. If you do not like the result you just press undo and you're back to your bowl of spaghetti.

Resolume 7.12.1 Fix List
#15748 Pioneer TCNet is dropped changing computer's networking settings, can crash
#17616 Pioneer Clip overlap offset triggering not working perfectly
#17654 Remove Localhost as Arena TCNet network interface on windows
#17636 Wire crashes loading file with UTF-8 name

Avenue & Arena 7.12.0 Fix List
#17456 DXV3 is missing in ARM After effects Export
#15042 Double clicking a Composition in Finder, Resolume opens last composition on startup
#15043 Option to disable open composition confirm dialog via the command line not working on macOS
#16896 Crash moving Composition monitor out of main window with this ui layout
#16984 Composition NDI Syphon and Spout output can get initialised with wrong resolution
#17141 Preferences option to save snapshot images to different directory than the recordings
#17269 Moving default transform in the effect list creates a copy of the transform
#17369 Clip transport folding no working in the API Example
#17402 Saving presets takes progressively longer with more presets
#17419 Right clicking spout clip on mac causes crash
#17426 Missing FFGL mixers should show a red Missing Mixer message in the layer blend selector
#17473 Add API endpoints for selected layer, group, column and clip
#17516 Some custom OSC shortcuts rewrite the address after you typed them
#17531 Audio tracks can get 5 secs as duration when you drop them into empty clips slots, in a deck which was loaded

Wire 7.12.0 Fix List
#15763 Double clicking on compiled Wire-patch does not copy it to patches-folder
#15933 Crash pasting bunch of nodes with Delay after a bunch of nodes with Delay
#16432 Pack in texture mode refuses float as last input, keeps showing red disconnecting wire
#16850 Input order isn't stored in Copy (for sharing)
#16876 Contextual menu with show in Finder no worky for compiled Wire patches from shared folder
#17033 Merge in texture mode crops textures to patch size
#17150 Add snapping to comment node
#17274 Slice in node gets set to 5 instances on re-open
#17293 Shift node should be in the collection tab instead of logic tab
#17363 Gradient disconnects Bypass when changing Type
#17372 Thumbnail Snapshot should work with Texture Out
#17393 Float fields accept input with two dots
#17438 Wire hangs on exit, with Slice in node, uses lots of memory
#17472 Crash replacing Texture in node with Hub
#17535 Gradient node doesn't have the precision you'd expect
#17567 Color to Texture to Crop crashes Wire

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads page.

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Resolume 7.11 | Apple Silicon Compatible & Delay Effects

Version 7.11.0 is a universal build on macOS. This means that it will run the native ARM architecture on macs with Apple silicon and it will run the native Intel architecture on macs with an Intel processor. All our software already ran great on M1 macs because those machines are very fast and efficient and because Rosetta emulation works just fine. This new universal build does not bring much performance gain on an M1 machine but it's nice to have it running natively without emulation.

FFGL plugins also need be compiled universally to work in a universal app. So when you use 7.11 on an M1 Mac then you need to make sure your FFGL plugins are also universal builds. If it's not possible to update the FFGL plugins then it's still possible to run a universal build in Intel mode on an M1 mac using Rosetta emulation using these instructions. For FFGL developers we have updated the examples and added compile instructions on GitHub.

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Delay Effects
Travel back in time! The Buffer and Ring Buffer nodes now accept texture2d so you can create delay effects with Wire. Delays are a lot of fun but do be careful with long delays because they eat VRAM for breakfast.

Arena & Avenue 7.11.3 Fix List
- #17452 Juicebar effects are always watermarked

Arena & Avenue 7.11.2 Fix List
- #17439 Asio Audio devices are not available any more in 7.11

Arena & Avenue 7.11.0 Fix List
- #14969 Slice color control sliders used to be colorized
- #16458 Record can't be hidden
- #16504 DXV export and import doesn't work in premiere and AME on M1, works fine in AE
- #16948 Previewing sources, they get stretched in Source preview, to the composition aspect ratio
- #17140 Param set to Timeline can have empty space below
- #17211 Fix default keyboard shortcuts for column triggering
- #17239 Disappearing Blending Modes selector on layer effects
- #17266 Don't show dropdown in Arena when Choice In has no options
- #17270 Blend mode dropdown can overlay output
- #17278 Slices View (ScreenLayerView) missing from Wire Slice Mixers
- #17351 Third party VST effects which are missing don't show as missing in the panels
- #17416 Denon Clip "Player" param does not save / load correctly
- #17262 Image conversion in Alley can have corrupt frames

Wire 7.11.1 Fix List
- #17433 Slice Render doesn't work with instanced material

Wire 7.11.0 Fix List
- #16689 Add multi instanced and string mode for logic nodes like equal, and not equal, and Buffers
- #17085 Accept , for decimal point
- #17203 Fit to selection with CMD/CNTRL + 0
- #17256 Can middle mouse button always pan UI
- #17267 Change log file location on Windows
- #17300 Pasting gradient node resets it's inlets
- #17322 Stack should show as result when searching for "buffer" and "filo"
- #17370 Dropping a resource does not create the node underneath the mouse when zoom != 100%

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads.

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Resolume 7.10 | New Blend Modes Menu & Wire Test Slices

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New Blend Modes Menu
Quickly selecting a different blend mode for a layer was always a bit of a pain in the a$$. You got this huge list of blend modes and transitions but often use only a handful. With the new blend modes dropdown menu you can favourite the blends you use the most and fold down the rest so they are out of the way.

Wire Test Slices
Creating a patch with slice inputs in Wire was like programming blindfolded. There was no way to see what your slices were doing until you loaded the patch in Arena. But now you can enable some dummy test slices on the Slices input node in Wire so you can actually see what you're doing before loading your patch in Arena.

Wire Fix List
#15925 String to Float & Int Conversion
#16387 Choice Input, Buttons or Dropdown
#16820 ALT + SHIFT Click to select entire "branch" in wire patch
#16871 Converting Multi-Channel strings into a single channel with Merge Node
#16872 Add wrapping to the Substring node.
#16884 Add overloads for float2, float3, float4 to Wrap node
#17017 Dashboard and Choice In can't show umlauts and other strange characters
#17027 Make Within node work with instanced texture
#17037 Crash double clicking monitor source text in monitor panel
#17065 Video player should not reset play position when clicking play
#17072 Export can't be canceled
#17107 Slice info shape doesn't match with Slice with weird resolutions
#17110 Show invalid connection on load as red cord

Arena & Avenue Fix List
#17075 External Key/Fill with Blackmagic cards does not work as expected
#16708 Transform positions from v6 clip can translate to wrong position in v7
#16888 Turn on ZeroConfig for WebServer
#16940 Render from mp4 can have crackling at the peaks
#17021 Mouse sets color on both mousedown and mouse release on color picker, should only do it on down
#17079 AV clips can reset their in/out point going from 7.8 to 7.9
#17109 Crash unplugging thunderbolt hub
#17114 Text parameters are missing from the REST-API
#17124 Crash opening Advanced output with v6 AdvancedOutput.xml

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads.

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