Resolume 6.1.0 Sync to the DJ

The 6.1.0 release is a major point release, which means we added a big feature. As we announced a few weeks ago, we made it a lot easier to sync a prepared video set to the audio coming from the DJ.

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If you work with a DJ that mixes on a Denon setup, you can sync every video in Resolume to every track on the players. You can read all about that in the manual. Suffice to say, this will make banging out those DJ intros and special show moments a piece of cake.

We also have a handful of bug fixes. If you're using multiply a lot, make sure you peek the warning below! Otherwise, just hit that download.

Multiply Mixer Warning
We fixed the jump cut when ejecting a clip from a multiply layer using a transition. The multiply blend now works the same as in Photoshop. So far so good! This also means that when using the multiply blend in combination with content that has transparency, the visual result will be slightly different, also in existing compositions. If you prefer the old look, you can disable the alpha channel in the content.

Hotfix! September 20th.
The Opacity fader of a layer was not working correctly when it was playing a SMPTE synced clip. Fixed in Arena 6.1.0 rev61231. Simply download Arena 6.1 again to get this latest revision.

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Resolume Arena with Denon DJ StageLinQ Integration

Touch down in Philadelphia, we’ll be at DJ Expo in Atlantic City together with Denon DJ this week to show the integration of Denon’s StageLinQ protocol into Resolume Arena. StageLinQ enables Arena to automatically video sync to Denon’s Prime DJ players and mixer.

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Arena can not only play video in perfect sync with the playing audio tracks but it will also recognise the songs being cued and automatically start the corresponding video. Just plug in the ethernet cable and you’re ready to go. The DJ has full creative freedom, scratching, pitching, looping and firing cues, the video in Arena will stay in perfect sync.

We’re very excited to finally show the Denon DJ StageLinQ integration in Arena, we think this is big step forward for synchronised shows.
Come and visit the Denon DJ stand at DJ Expo. We (Edwin and Bart) will be there for demos. Resolume Arena version 6.1 with StageLinQ integration will be publicly released in a couple of weeks.

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Resolume 6.0.11 Gotta go fast!

Like beating Super Mario Bros in under five minutes, Resolume 6.0.11 is all about shaving off those milliseconds and finding those hidden shortcuts.

phpBB [video]

With the 6.0.11 update, you can play even more videos at higher resolutions than before. We dove under the hood to see where Resolume was spending most of its time, and improved that. A 2013 Mac Pro can now comfortably play 14 layers of 4K at 60 fps. Considering it had trouble reaching 30 fps with the same load before, that's a huge improvement!

Take a warp zone to download the update via the app or via the website, or take your time and get nerdy with all the techy details and the full fix list below.

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Resolume 6.0.10 Expecto Patronum

HPPS_2014_Bk_Cvr (1).jpg
Dear Mr/Ms. Resolume,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all the squashed bugs and new features.

The download is available now. We await your owl by no later than 9 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress
Today Resolume 6 turns 10.

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Resolume 6.0.9 & Adobe DXV Plugins Released

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We keep them doggies rollin' with another Resolume release, version 6.0.9.

In April, Adobe stopped supporting Quicktime codecs in their software so it became impossible to render Quicktime files with the DXV codec across the entire Adobe family. We grabbed that bull by the horns and created Adobe exporter (and importer) plugins for DXV. This means you can now render to DXV straight from After Effects, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder.

Resolume 6.0.9 has over a dozen bug fixes and a couple of small but sexy new features. You can now create presets for colour palettes. On top of that, you can see some mighty fine lookin' previews in the popup for both the envelope and these new colour palette presets. Yihaw.
Now move 'em out head 'em up get 'em up & download.

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We Got The 8 Ball Rolling, Resolume 6.0.8 Released

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We've only heard about Compton in rap songs but like Eazy-E, we did get the 8 ball rolling. Here is Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.8. This version has more than 40 ounces of bug fixes and is packing some nice additions to the Parameter Envelopes. You can now create envelope presets. Edit the parameters of an envelope keyframe and when you're done fold it to make it smaller.
Now don't drink brass monkey but get funky on the 6.0.8 download.

9153 Envelope Presets
8682 Envelope Keyframe Parameters
10526 Envelope Folding
10970 Slice Transform, allow flipping in Mask mode
9668 Can i has F2 to rename a screen/slice?

10883 Resolume indentifies two displays as the same on PC
11038 Clip loading hangs on a grey bar
11024 MM can't relocate files which have & (&) character in the original file path
11062 Input & Output Guide when importing image stays blank
11013 After duplicating a clip, you cannot add effects to the original
10919 Cannot select stereo FFT input.
10978 Group dashboard assignment is broken
10953 MM: Relocate by double click doesn't work
10957 Alley shortcut on desktop points to wrong folder
11224 Instant app crash Shift + dragging clip onto layer's playing clip thumbnail slot
11187 Layer master fader dashboard assignments are bound to the composition dashboard on reload
11212 Decklink mini hdmi signal contains transparency
10954 Distribution of DMX values over ParamChoice is incorrect
11014 Allow reordering of decks without switching
10991 When you set a clip to SMPTE timeline, the time remaining label initially displays milliseconds
10989 Envelope: if Value is at max you can't edit it anymore using the spinner
10987 Autopilot incorrectly triggers action after being reenabled and clip has been around the block
10976 Don't render a VirtualOutputDevice if its texture is not being used
10964 Add a 'Blur Distance' parameter to the Blur plugin that acts as a multiplier to 'Blur X Distance' and 'Blur Y Distance'
10912 slide effect shows black gap between texture instances when animated.
10904 Fix last used layout not being restored on restart
10873 Hue jumps back to 0 when saturation is 0
10724 Crop effect on a layer: Right and Bottom max out on composition reopen to 1920 and 1080
10722 OSC mapping: clip in/out points have the same address as the playhead, they can't be changed this way.
10658 Weird result when envelope is first applied without automation
10542 Slice input list gets messed up when screen and layer/group names are the same as screen names
10176 OSC: composition/layers//clips//connect not launching clips when getting selectedclip/connect at the same time
9883 OSC output all preset doesn't output /composition/layers/position
8848 group audio/vst source not cleared corretly after audio clip eject
7674 Envelope editor, placing several points to the most left or right edge, the lines connecting the dots disappear
11000 After duplicating a clip it can't be replaced any more by dragging a file to it's clip slot
11174 Shaper Source controls can't be assigned to dashboard
11029 The NanoKontrol MIDI preset does not actually do what we says it does
11041 Don't set audio device type from input device combobox
11163 OSC: Shaper source Shape1 and Shape2 OSC addresses are incorrect

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.7 update: Easter Bunny

With this Resolume release the Easter Bunny hops to version 6.0.7. Fixes a couple of bugs, makes some performance improvements and eats his chocolate eggs. Download!

8877 OSC, /composition/direction sends -1 for each direction
10163 MM: unable to relocate files when path is the same, cross platform
10408 Fix of #9842 results in Envelope Graphs being bugged with Shaper Effects
10529 Selected Clip on Selected doesn't give a midi feedback
10695 DMX Input is disabled until you open Preferences unless you have a DMX Output enabled in ASS
10720 Deadlock using Text Block
10843 Sometimes frame prediction breaks on start of clip
10882 Composition 16 bit color depth not applied on Resolume start composition auto load.
10886 Global Playback Controls have Piano options; but doesn't have the expected effect.
10895 Colorize and Tint effects don't use input color's alpha value
10907 Composition Master's parameter ranges not set to default when creating new composition
10915 Fix output shortcut manager eating entire core although no output shortcuts are enabled
10920 Clip in group with unpinned direction does not have composition's pinned direction applied on launch
10921 Group direction gets pinned to composition's pinned direction on composition open if group direction is not pinned.
10927 Stingy sphere's near side is transparent so you see through to the far side
10930 Playing with Transport controls (on BPM Sync) on clip level creates a feeze
10940 AutoMask, add Channel option to determine which channel defines the mask
10960 "DNA upload test" is part of the generators in 6.0.6 public release
10969 Fix layer's connectSpecificClip param being serialized
10971 Fresh installation of 6.0.6 on windows 7 is broken
10975 ConnectSpecificClip does not send upstate for clip triggers
10978 Group dashboard assignment is broken
10982 Cannot add audio track when dropping audio file on video clip panel
10995 OSC "All" shorcuts send * as index instead of a number
11001 Fix 0% opacity layers still being rendered
11034 FPS doesn't recover when you have ran out of vram (possibly)

...and of course an assortment of egg shaped crashes have been boiled, painted and oooh-ed at.

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