Free Resolume 6 Video Training!

We have finally updated the Resolume video training to version 6. It's completely re-recorded with Avenue and Arena 6 by DocOptic. But the best news is that it's now completely free!

It's great for beginners who are just getting started but it's not just a course that teaches you what each button in Resolume does. It also educates on basic compositing and use of color in a VJ set. There is something to learn for everybody. Watch the training on our site, Vimeo or YouTube.

phpBB [video]

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Great Collection of Video Tutorials, Courtesy of Doc Optic

So, the workshops at Res HQ are over for 2014, but you can still learn lots about VJ'ing.

phpBB [video]

The wonderful guys from Doc Optic have been publishing awesome video tutorials lately. In a calm and soothing tone, VJ'ing with Resolume is explained. The great thing is that the tutorials don't follow the 'this-button-does-that' format, but rather explain how you can improve your show using certain techniques and tricks.

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Creating Projection Mapping Objects out of Paper

Here's how to get started with some crazy projection mapping paper objects in twelve easy steps. Because sometimes it's good to step away from the computer. Get your hands dirty with glue, scissors and paper.

Step 1: Watch this awesome video.

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Reactive Visuals Using Only Resolume, Tutorials to Boot

A while back we had a whole thread on making visuals with Resolume. So we already knew it was possible.

But to see a whole music video based on the concept is still taking it to the next level. Coming to you courtesy of Masanori Yamaguchi (aka Reelvision), this wonderful piece of minimal glitch design manages to walk that elusive fine line: reactive without becoming repetitive, visually interesting without becoming cluttered.

phpBB [video]

Perhaps best of all, he's not afraid to share with the rest of the class.

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Awesome Set of Projection Mapping Tutorials

Get out your projector, fire up Arena and Cinema4D, brew a pot of coffee and start your week creatively!

Coming to you courtesy of the amazing Tom Watkins / VJFit from Fit Motion Graphics, Tom covers everything you need to know, nothing you don't. He doesn't waste a second and he knows what's up.

Starting off with some basic video warping in Resolume, he gets some trippy stuff going using only Resolume, which we likey.

Then he brings in Cinema4D to take you into the third dimension.

And he tops it off with an excellent and precise way to model your physical object in Cinema and align your projector/camera settings.

This world is a better place with people like Tom in it.

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Create Visuals with Resolume and Win an Arena License!

Update: Thanks everybody for making this the best thread ever on our forum! Competition is now closed and the winner is announced here.

We love generative visuals. Besides the endless options during live performance, the creative process is different as well. There's something very satisfying about tweaking a parameter and immediately seeing the results. You can get into a creative flow that is not possible when you're stuck waiting for ram previews or play blasts.

We love it so much, we made the CalculatingInfinity loop pack from scratch using nothing but the built-in effects and sources of Resolume. To spread the love we thought we put together a little contest to go with it.

To participate, all you have to do is fire up Resolume and go crazy with the sources, effects and blend modes. Make combinations that you didn't think were possible. Stack effects as high as wedding cake to make something totally new out of that Solid Color. Flip the order of the blend modes and see what comes out. Above all, have fun with it!

Don't think it's possible? Don't know where to start? Here's a tutorial on how to make some tasty content from scratch:

The only rule is simple: you can only use the built-in effects and sources of Resolume. No still images, videos or webcam footage.

Record your output, upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and post it as a reply on this thread. Don't forget to Include your .avc as a zipped attachment.

Amaze us. First Runner Up walks away with a brand spanking license of Avenue. The Winner walks away with Arena and gets to release his or her work on the label.

Now go and make us proud!

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Resolume Quick Tip: Mouse Mapping

They don't get much quicka than this little tippa, wikka wikka!

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