Live Streaming with Resolume & OBS Studio

Right now the whole world seems in lockdown and unfortunately that means there’s not a lot of VJing going around these days. There’s a lot of creatives in this crisis that are using streaming to put out their work.

Here at Resolume HQ (well, not really since we’re working from home) we’ve gotten a lot of questions about streaming Resolume. We’ve written an article and made a quick tip video to help you getting started with your streaming career.

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New footage! NeonRoom2, VHS'id and OrganicMotions

Ghosteam is back with NeonRoom2, a solid pack of loops that will turn your screen on fire.
VHS'id by Sebastian M. Purfürst is showing us where VHS go when they die. These loops have that mystery and suspense we all need in our lives.
And Catmac tries to hypnotise us and guide us to our happy place with these beautiful OrganicMotions

NeonRoom2 by Ghosteam

phpBB [video]

VHS'id by Sebastian M. Purfürst
phpBB [video]

OrganicMotions by Catmac
phpBB [video]

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Resolume 7.1.1 & 6.1.5: Bug Fixes, Alley Trim, New & Improved Blends & Transitions, New Denon DJ Hardware

Fixes Fixes Fixes
Here you go, Resolume version 7.1.1. This version took a while and was a lot of work but it has a fix-list longer than The Return of the King's end credits. Including a long standing crash that happened on NVIDIA videocards after running Resolume for a few hours. Unfortunately we had to remove the GPU meter from the statusbar for now, we hope to bring that back in a future update. At least the crash is fixed. We're confident that this release will solve the last stability issues in version 7 that some of you have been experiencing.

New & Improved Blends & Transitions
New in this release are Dissolve, Exclusion and Overlay blend modes and there are a few new "50" blends like 50 Dodge and 50 Burn. Subtract, Difference and Difference I (inverse) have been improved and now look exactly the same as in Photoshop.
You can now use any blend as a transition between clips and it will always fade smoothly from clip A to clip B. No more unexpected results when a clip contains alpha.

Alley Trim
You can now trim a video with Alley! Set the in and out points on the timeline of a video, convert, done, your video is now trimmed.

New Denon DJ Hardware
Denon DJ has just released a boatload of new hardware and version 7.1.1 ensures all that hardware and new firmware plays nice with Arena.

Avenue & Arena 6.1.5
Since many of you are still using v6 we decided to release one more update. This version fixes a crash with the Shaper effect on macOS Catalina. NDI output is now compatible with version 7 (and other applications) by fixing the alpha channel and the latest version of Alley is now included in the installers.

Avenue & Arena 7.1.1 Fix List
#13620 Running resolume for long, FPS drops and content starts to flicker, Resolume crashes in the nvidia drivers
#13668 Crash on startup with 4G usb device
#12130 Crash with Denon StagelinQ, loading a track that has not been analysed yet
#12512 Renaming deck to empty name, makes other deck disappear from list
#13477 ConnectSpecificColumn via DMX, doesn't select some columns
#13494 Connecting APC 40, changes Default shortcut velocity for new shortcuts
#13517 Toggling dropdown items with multiple midi shortcuts is no worky
#13521 Default clip play mode is not applied properly, clips revert to loop, from start on composition reload
#13542 Random BPM Distance should be a whole number when controlled via MIDI/OSC/DMX
#13577 Selection of Polygon Points, Input and Output Mask Points, are not restored on Undo/Redo
#13641 Play once and hold default is not respected importing new clips
#13658 Effect Dashboard Links stay Linked to Layer object after Moving effect to Clip
#13766 Dashboard Link positions not saved properly in Effect Preset
#13807 Undoing effect remove doesn't re-set Dashboard dial
#13665 Multiple MIDI shortcuts not working like multiple keyboard shortcuts
#13669 AV clip BPM transport BPM Sync is lost on composition reload
#13670 Notice new network interfaces in DMX preferences
#13674 Polygon slice drawing hint displays question marks in Chinese and Japanese
#13678 Text animator flashing
#13682 Renaming layer or column , leaving # to have the index, # gets replaced by the index integer
#13683 Mjpeg 60fps avi hangs Resolume on windows
#13688 Luma key blend mode's Smoothness Param is not saved properly
#13693 Clip Random Distance can lose the setting
#13704 Some mp4's converts to DXV with a weird frame rate
#13721 Crash adding effect from preview to clip or layer
#13736 Crash switching from an output with delay to another output
#13754 Midi output velocity settings are not visible for shortcut, when a mode change enables them
#13761 Can't change FPS setting for image sequence in Alley
#13795 Relocate button in clip panel no worky
#13814 OSC Operator arguments not working
#13587 Denon gets choppy after running for hours
#13855 Envelopes inside Radial/Liniar Cloner do not restart when clips are triggered.
#13701 Envelope preset gets wrong preview after changing it's name
#13825 B&W Layer blend, doesn't make layer B&W with Alpha below
#13571 Option to disable open composition confirm dialog via the command line

Alley 2.1.7 Fix List
#13546 Alley Conversion "DXV Normal Quality No Alpha" Preset not listed in the Manage Presets window
#13576 Alley: Remember last download folder
#13584 Alley extracts Larger than 4GB files corrupted
#13718 Alley custom sizes reset when you try to delete the values to add your own

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or just head over to the downloads to get your download on.

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Resolume Tools by PixelClone

The show creator dudes aka the Pixelwizards at PixelClone have been developing tools and software for years now, amplifying and enhancing their own shows: whilst in the midst of touring. After a long time of sculpting and perfecting: These tools are finally ready to see the light of day.

RT Stage

PixelClone invites you to have a look in their test kitchen by releasing a bunch of "Block Up" tools that expand Resolume's functionality. For example a lightweight 3D virtual Stage Preview Application that slaps a spout or syphon texture on the LED screens of a 3D Stagemodel. VJ on your virtual stage and orbit around it in real time with: RT Stage

We know PixelClone for their creative approach to combining, synchronising and expanding of various live applications. They'll jump in and out of all kinds of boxes, to find the niftiest technical solutions for creative and outrageous concepts. We were blown away by the unique options that came along with: FFGL FadeMask

PixelClone's software releases reach from nifty little converters to customized and tailored applications that can innovate your show. So it will come as no surprise that they were also closely involved, with the development of a lot of the new features, that have been released in Resolume over the past year.

Get inspired and start expanding your workflow over at

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The Latest Juicebar Plugins for Resolume

A couple of weeks ago we launched our joint venture JuiceBar, the plugin store for Resolume, and it has been growing fast since! New plugins are added weekly, checkout a few of the latest additions.

Makes a 3 dimensional tunnel of your content. Adds some 3d Light options, as well as camera and texture sliders.

Loads SVG files and renders them!
This is great for logo's and other artwork that always has to be pixel perfect. By using this SVG loader, your content is always rendered as 100% on the current pixel map.

This handy source automatically reads your Advanced Output, and creates borders around your slices. It's true magic!
 With the controls you can set the border size, the overscan (no one is perfect, we know!) and the color and softness.

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New footage! Love making edition!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, that time of the year when we bounce some red, bloody hearts on them screens. Please take a moment and check what we've got for you in the footage store.

Marike Verbiest rendered some 4k Hearts timed like a clock.
VJ Galaxy is invading the galaxy together with Heartbreaker, a handsome cunning robot that breaks every heart in hers/his/their sight.
And to the lonely hearts who are into electronic music we offer Secret Stash, a pack of abstract, colourful visuals made by queen Pareidolia.

Hearts by Marike Verbiest

phpBB [video]

Heartbreaker by VJ Galaxy
phpBB [video]

Secret Stash by Pareidolia
phpBB [video]

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Want Plugins? Get Juicebar!

phpBB [video]

We're excited to announce our collaboration with Eyesupply and Haute Technique on Juicebar. Juicebar is the official marketplace for Resolume. We currently serve effects and sources in many tastes and have more and more coming up. Juicebar is made by Vj’s for Vj’s.
Check it out on

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