New footage! Lior Sadeh Studio, Data Ghost, Kongfoo Motion

Take a tour around the city where instead of rats, you can find music players. It's called
Collage City Trip and it's the latest release by Lior Sadeh Studio.

The Matrix vibes are coming from Data Ghost who's looking for the Lost Signal.

And to finish this release on a more optimistic note, Kongfoo Motion recorded some decadent dancers and packed them under the name of Decadance.

Collage City Trip by Lior Sadeh Studio

phpBB [video]

Lost Signal by Data Ghost
phpBB [video]

Decadance by Kongfoo Motion
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Resolume 7.7 🔥 Multiple Monitors ❤️ Effect Favorites 🌈 Color Picker

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Yesss, here is a jam-packed Resolume 7.7 release! You can now make multiple preview monitors, favorite your effects & sources and Wire now has a gorgeous new color picker 💪

Multiple Preview Monitors
You can now make as many preview monitors as you like. Become a creepy surveillance guy and spy on all your layers, groups and your composition at the same time in Avenue and Arena. Right click on a monitor to duplicate it and use the cogwheel at the bottom right to change what you want to monitor. In Wire you can now also create multiple preview monitors and pin them to any node you like.
Effect & Source Favorites
With so many effects and sources you are sure to have some favorites. With the release of version 7.7 you can now favorite your effects and sources. Simply click the heart icon to favorite an effect or source and they will show up at the top of the lists, within easy reach.
77-favorites.png (43.48 KiB) Viewed 6984 times
Wire Color Picker
Wire got a new color picker! You can now also construct colors with HSB-sliders, lock colors in a palette and use the built-in color harmonies to create tight designs. All color pickers (yes, Arena and Avenue too) can now be locked horizontally by holding down the SHIFT-key or vertically by holding down the ALT-key
77-picker.png (53.01 KiB) Viewed 6984 times
Avenue & Arena 7.7.1 Fri, 10 Dec Fix List
#16685 Arena/Avenue 7.7 crashes sometimes on startup (with this recentLayout)
#16727 Arena/Avenue 7.7 Crash trying to load another layout (after this one)
#16731 Undocking a panel repeatedly will take longer each time

Avenue & Arena 7.7.0 Fix List
#16375 Test Card Shortcut: Command + Shift + L (♥ Arvol)
#16216 Press ESC to cancel drag action
#16407 Default is missing from Transform's presets
#16565 Make SMPTE and Denon transport modes available for Wire patches
#16628 Clips sometimes change direction when adjusting composition speed
#16421 Crash clicking Transform's preset button while composition is still loading.
#16360 Dragging panel above another, increases panel group width
#16167 Fixture not fitting in spanned universes gives error to enable universe spanning
#16278 Undoing Clear clips on an inactive deck doesn't restore clips in the deck
#16325 Rendering multi selection of clips which have the same name, you get only one render file
#15968 Effect and source previews disconnect when moving mouse around over layers
#16376 Dropping multiple cwired to Resolume they don't get installed

Wire 7.7.1 Fri, 10 Dec Fix List
#16699 Wire 7.7 crashes sometimes on startup on the M1 Max

Wire 7.7.0 Fix List
#16567 Distortion example
#16134 Inserting crossfader into texture causes crash
#16344 Replacing Video source/ Texture node with HUB breaks connections
#16587 Same version number for Arena, Avenue, Alley and Wire: 7.7.0

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads page.

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New footage! MIKVIZ, Albertus Luki, Unit44

When you think of the opposite of fresh and vital what do you see? Because we see MIKVIZ's loops, which are permanently fixed, like they were written in Stone.
I don't know about you, but we certainly like some colorful and playful moments. And this time, Albertus Luki makes us happy with Discube, a pack of loops inspired by Rubik's cube.
Last but not least, Unit44 is again thinking of the real techno heads and is providing them (us :?: ) Enter6, the latest member of the Enter family.

Stone by MIKVIZ

phpBB [video]

Discube by Albertus Luki
phpBB [video]

Enter6 by Unit44
phpBB [video]

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New footage! VJ Picles, Carolina S. Otero, Sebastian M. Pürfurst

Like wise people always used to say, "it's what's inside that counts". This week, take a peek inside VJ Picles' Heads.
Carolina S. Otero shares with us her most intimate Nightmares.
And Sebastian M. Pürfurst brings back some ghosts of the past in Hauntology.

Heads by VJ Picles

phpBB [video]

Nightmares by Carolina S. Otero
phpBB [video]

Hauntology by Sebastian M. Pürfurst
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Resolume 7.6 Released!

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This update takes the customization of Arena and Wire to a whole new level.
We've got undockable panels, customizable interfaces, color coded nodes and multi-screen support for you.
Besides numerous bug fixes we've added a brand new video exporter to Resolume Wire.
Custom Layouts
We’ve taken the layouts to a whole new level with this update.
Arena, Avenue and Wire now have undockable panels.
This feature lets you create custom multi-screen interfaces with ease.
Wire now has moveable panels, so you can create custom UI’s that fit your needs.
Colored Nodes
To continue this wave of customization, we would like to introduce you to colored nodes.
Color coding nodes helps you to organize your patch.
In addition to this we've given the comment node the option to be hollow.
This helps you to group nodes together, all in the name of beign organized!
SC_Dashboard.PNG (15.91 KiB) Viewed 10480 times
Video Exporter
You can now export the video from your patch directly from Wire.
After you’ve made your latest Wire masterpiece you can easily export it to a video file using the brand new Video Exporter. The Video Exporter inherits all it's features from the Arena/Avenue exporter, so expect all your favorite codecs to be included.
Wire has a new tab called the Dashboard.
In the Dashboard you can reorder your input nodes.
The order you make in the Dashboard will be the order that shows up in the Arena/Avenue interface when running your patches.
SC_colored nodes.PNG
Wire Fix List
#15722 Crash trying to open patch from Host
#15750 Video Exporter
#15762 String node float precision maxes at 6 decimals
#15778 Pack node upgrade by allowing composited inputs
#15856 Some compiled patches make Arena crash on startup
#15878 Directory watcher doesn't notice patch changes, when using Russian patch names
#15889 Time, SystemTime and Date have no suggestions
#15811 Trigger delay sometimes outputs twice
#15901 Removing Bool in Float path breaks connection
#15932 Average on multichannel texture goes to Alpha gradually
#15949 Crash with midi feedback on IAC driver
#15953 Midi Bank select support
#15962 Crash deleting Onchage in some patches
#15963 Node search result now order from more relevant to less relevant
#15964 Add aspect ratio information to the patch info node
#15999 Print Node now supports OSC messages
#16010 Loading tutorials and examples is now done asynchronous, decreasing boot time
#16013 Midi Write nodes can say unknown or no options on event input out of the range of int 1-16
#16023 Show MIDI messages in the Print node
#16086 Comment Node Outline/Transparent option
#16231 Not Equal node is now correct for float2, float3, float4
#16259 Replace Wire Inspector panel with separate Patch and Node panels
#16331 Wire crashes when enabling vsync after monitor panel drag
#15843 Span with size 1 thinks it is instanced
#15890 Gradient Palette, Linear and Sequence are missing from suggestions
#16055 Wire crashes using text render with lots of installed fonts
#16238 Transform node in texture mode, you need to multiply anchor x by aspect ratio to get expected results
#16292 Resource is not released when loading a different patch
#16321 Wire crashes with long inputs in ISF
#16438 OpenGL Error when unpacking DXV files

Avenue & Arena 7.6.0 Fix List
#14495 Paste audio effects not redone.
#14765 Clip toggle OFF doesn't respect beat snap
#14823 Update NDI to v5
#14979 Duplicating slices when you have already a lot, changes slice's and other slice's look
#15140 BPM synced params with start set to clip trigger, can get out of sync with clip transport set up the same way.
#15888 Option to disable update checks
#15910 Resolume doesn't reconnect to Syphon inputs
#15977 Universes span back to to S0:u0
#15991 High CPU in handling lots of DMX input
#16028 Some Solid color sources load saturation at 0 instead of the default 1
#16037 Rendering image sequence clip, only first frame is included in the render
#16115 Panels can get placed to the wrong place moving them around
#16122 8k options missing for decklink 8k capture card
#16144 Update minimum requirements to macOS 10.12
#16152 Slice outlines and corner handles are not aligned at high zoom
#16250 Sort Advanced Screen Setup presets by name
#16379 Patch installation fails if the shared Patch folder doesn't exist yet
#16409 Effect in panel doesn't resize when loading presets

Avenue & Arena 7.6.1 Fix List
#16449 Crossfader Fade(legacy) stops fading mid progress, after clicking A or B.
#16461 Crash removing all colors from palette

Download Resolume 7.6 now!

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New footage! DJVB, Dumb Robot, Dan Chelger

DJVB released a pack designed to create complex 3D Projection mapping illusions. BoxMappingToolkitV2.0 is a set of ready-to-go video mapping loops that create the effect of the video mapping on a real box, rendered at 45 degree perspective. The pack contains 38 animations in 4K pixelmap format. Along with the video files you will be able to download a video tutorial and a text file containing the instructions.

Dumb Robot is back with BioBotica, a pack of 37 bio bots loops moving mechanically on 120BPM tempo.

The last one from this series, Videologies4 by Dan Chelger is a set of visuals created based on video synthesis made with old analog bent equipment and other devices put together by the artist himself.

BoxMappingToolKitv2.0 by DJVB

phpBB [video]

BioBotica by Dumb Robot
phpBB [video]

Videologies4 by Dan Chelger
phpBB [video]

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New footage! Carolina S. Otero, UON Visuals, VJ Picles

Carolina S. Otero released her second pack UrbanRhythms, a collection of buildings and communication towers with red and black (or red and white :?: ) graphic elements.

We welcome to the label UON Visuals, the self-taught animator from Canada named Mike Voskakis. HyperHilbertSpaces is a pack of visuals based on the Hilbert L-system Curve and Dmt "hyperspace".

VJ Picles keeps rolling pack after pack. This time, Data Flow shows us the invisible world of computer data.

UrbanRhythms by Carolina S. Otero

phpBB [video]

HyperHilbertSpaces by UON Visuals
phpBB [video]

Data Flow by VJ Picles
phpBB [video]

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