Resolume 7.11 | Apple Silicon Compatible & Delay Effects

Version 7.11.0 is a universal build on macOS. This means that it will run the native ARM architecture on macs with Apple silicon and it will run the native Intel architecture on macs with an Intel processor. All our software already ran great on M1 macs because those machines are very fast and efficient and because Rosetta emulation works just fine. This new universal build does not bring much performance gain on an M1 machine but it's nice to have it running natively without emulation.

FFGL plugins also need be compiled universally to work in a universal app. So when you use 7.11 on an M1 Mac then you need to make sure your FFGL plugins are also universal builds. If it's not possible to update the FFGL plugins then it's still possible to run a universal build in Intel mode on an M1 mac using Rosetta emulation using these instructions. For FFGL developers we have updated the examples and added compile instructions on GitHub.

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Delay Effects
Travel back in time! The Buffer and Ring Buffer nodes now accept texture2d so you can create delay effects with Wire. Delays are a lot of fun but do be careful with long delays because they eat VRAM for breakfast.

Arena & Avenue 7.11.3 Fix List
- #17452 Juicebar effects are always watermarked

Arena & Avenue 7.11.2 Fix List
- #17439 Asio Audio devices are not available any more in 7.11

Arena & Avenue 7.11.0 Fix List
- #14969 Slice color control sliders used to be colorized
- #16458 Record can't be hidden
- #16504 DXV export and import doesn't work in premiere and AME on M1, works fine in AE
- #16948 Previewing sources, they get stretched in Source preview, to the composition aspect ratio
- #17140 Param set to Timeline can have empty space below
- #17211 Fix default keyboard shortcuts for column triggering
- #17239 Disappearing Blending Modes selector on layer effects
- #17266 Don't show dropdown in Arena when Choice In has no options
- #17270 Blend mode dropdown can overlay output
- #17278 Slices View (ScreenLayerView) missing from Wire Slice Mixers
- #17351 Third party VST effects which are missing don't show as missing in the panels
- #17416 Denon Clip "Player" param does not save / load correctly
- #17262 Image conversion in Alley can have corrupt frames

Wire 7.11.1 Fix List
- #17433 Slice Render doesn't work with instanced material

Wire 7.11.0 Fix List
- #16689 Add multi instanced and string mode for logic nodes like equal, and not equal, and Buffers
- #17085 Accept , for decimal point
- #17203 Fit to selection with CMD/CNTRL + 0
- #17256 Can middle mouse button always pan UI
- #17267 Change log file location on Windows
- #17300 Pasting gradient node resets it's inlets
- #17322 Stack should show as result when searching for "buffer" and "filo"
- #17370 Dropping a resource does not create the node underneath the mouse when zoom != 100%

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads.

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Resolume 7.10 | New Blend Modes Menu & Wire Test Slices

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New Blend Modes Menu
Quickly selecting a different blend mode for a layer was always a bit of a pain in the a$$. You got this huge list of blend modes and transitions but often use only a handful. With the new blend modes dropdown menu you can favourite the blends you use the most and fold down the rest so they are out of the way.

Wire Test Slices
Creating a patch with slice inputs in Wire was like programming blindfolded. There was no way to see what your slices were doing until you loaded the patch in Arena. But now you can enable some dummy test slices on the Slices input node in Wire so you can actually see what you're doing before loading your patch in Arena.

Wire Fix List
#15925 String to Float & Int Conversion
#16387 Choice Input, Buttons or Dropdown
#16820 ALT + SHIFT Click to select entire "branch" in wire patch
#16871 Converting Multi-Channel strings into a single channel with Merge Node
#16872 Add wrapping to the Substring node.
#16884 Add overloads for float2, float3, float4 to Wrap node
#17017 Dashboard and Choice In can't show umlauts and other strange characters
#17027 Make Within node work with instanced texture
#17037 Crash double clicking monitor source text in monitor panel
#17065 Video player should not reset play position when clicking play
#17072 Export can't be canceled
#17107 Slice info shape doesn't match with Slice with weird resolutions
#17110 Show invalid connection on load as red cord

Arena & Avenue Fix List
#17075 External Key/Fill with Blackmagic cards does not work as expected
#16708 Transform positions from v6 clip can translate to wrong position in v7
#16888 Turn on ZeroConfig for WebServer
#16940 Render from mp4 can have crackling at the peaks
#17021 Mouse sets color on both mousedown and mouse release on color picker, should only do it on down
#17079 AV clips can reset their in/out point going from 7.8 to 7.9
#17109 Crash unplugging thunderbolt hub
#17114 Text parameters are missing from the REST-API
#17124 Crash opening Advanced output with v6 AdvancedOutput.xml

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads.

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Resolume 7.9 | Preview Advanced Output Screens & Node Library Search

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Preview Advanced Output Screens & CrossFader
Since version 7.7 you can create as many preview monitors you like and directly monitor layer and groups. We're now taking this one step further by introducing preview monitoring of screens from the advanced Output and the CrossFader. Open the monitor menu by clicking on the radar icon in the bottom right of every monitor.

Node Library Search Improvements
Version 7.9 changes the way you patch in Wire forever. The Node Library with search can now be brought up by double clicking on inlets & outlets and by double clicking on a wire. This makes patching sooo much faster! You can also now select a node, press CMD + ENTER on macOS and CTRL + ENTER on Windows to open the node library, search what you're looking for and press enter to the create the node, this way you can use the mouse even less and patch even faster.

Installing Wire Patches
Drop a compiled Wire patch onto Arena and Avenue and it will be copied to the correct folder and show up in the Wire category on the Effects and Sources panels instead of listed as a "normal effect".

Avenue & Arena Fix List
#14279 Update to FFmpeg 4.3
#16853 Swagger.yaml has wrong value type for clip Connected
#16584 Stutter when loading & triggering a clip with Syphon input
#16600 Recalling cue point when AV clip is paused, audio position is not recalled
#16691 Dongle no worky any more under Monterey
#16746 Green color fringing when outputting via Blackmagic cards
#16763 Option for Footage Installer to not launch app in /SILENT mode
#16838 Crash clearing clip slot through API
#16839 Black BG in Chinese translation says Black Beijing
#16842 Blend params can get lost when copying effect
#16854 Clearing layer through REST-API does not work

Wire Fix List
#16680 Crash inserting Pack before Node which already has float 4 connected to other inlet
#16688 Snapshot can create image from wrong node, move Snapshot to Node menu
#16754 Length isn't multi-class
#16755 Welcome dialog doesn't show thumbnails in recents
#16770 Crash connecting multichannel nodes using wire drop on background with nodes not accepting multi channel input
#16885 Bloom and Pixel blur are broken in Wire on M1 with Montere

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads.

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New footage! Life Is Art Studios, madvisuals_vj and Riotstarter

We are big fans of neon lights dancing in the quarry.
QuarryNeon is the second release of Life Is Art Studios and it contains 22 rhythmical and fresh looking loops.
A dynamic pack that fuses organic shapes with geometric compositions is Reload by madvisuals_vj. Checkout his other two releases to get a full picture of his work.
And AbandonedPunkDoll by Riotstarter brings you a collection of scary, grungy, hypno-eyed dolls. Moral of the story? Don't leave your doll unattended!

QuarryNeon by Life Is Art Studios

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Reload by madvisuals_vj
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AbandonedPunkDoll by Riotstarter
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Resolume Christmas Present

Hohoho! Merry Christmas to you all! Resolume-claus is in town and he has a little present for those who have been naughty and nice this year. This Christmas-themed source lets you create some sweet holiday wrapping for all your footage presents (requires Resolume 7.5 or higher).

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

(3.86 KiB) Downloaded 2611 times
Wrapping Paper 2021-12-24 at 15.24.24.png
Wrapping Paper 2021-12-24 at 15.24.31.png

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Resolume 7.8 | Control & Monitor Arena, Avenue and Wire via the REST-API

With the REST-API and built-in webserver we're introducing by far the most powerful way to monitor and control Avenue, Arena and Wire. With the REST-API you can get and set any parameter value in the composition and you can even get clip thumbnail images! Communication via the REST-API can be done in almost any programming language, but most importantly in Javascript. This way you can for instance control and monitor your composition and Wire patches via a web-page on a tablet or phone. Checkout this support article for all the details and links to the API documentation.

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We have created a few examples that are very useful already. For Arena & Avenue there is a basic clip triggering webpage that is a great companion next to your MIDI controller to trigger your most important clips, you can easily identify them because they show the clip thumbnail and highlight when they are playing just like Avenue & Arena. There is also a basic recreation of the Arena & Avenue interface in a webpage to show that you can control almost anything.

For Wire there is a basic example that shows the input parameters for the current patch so you can preview and control it from any web browser, including your phone.

These examples are bundled with 7.8 and run out of the box but they are also open source projects so you can use them as a starting point for your own custom interfaces.
You enable the REST-API and webserver in the Preferences.

7.8.0 Fix List
#14883 Preserve Alpha with Chroma Key effect
#16460 Chroma Key Edge Blur eats my GPU
#16695 Dragging the default transform to other targets should make a removable copy
#16767 Remove Custom from transport mode defaults
#16696 Bloom and Iterate not working properly on M1
#16658 Midi device is ignored if device connected after Wire starts
#16677 Multichannel texture support for logic nodes

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update, including Wire. Or checkout the downloads page.

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Resolume Workshop @ St. Joost Art Academy

Last week Resolume went to the St. Joost School of Art & Design in the city of Den Bosch to share some of our Resolume-knowledge with the students there. VJ Liza Renee invited us to collaborate with her on a media art-focused Resolume workshop. We are always interested in using Resolume for more than VJ’ing so we got hyped and joined in on the workshop.

We started out with teaching the basics: composition, clips, layers, sources, effects and more effects and more effects and then some more effects. After that, we continued exploring the basics of projection mapping as most of the students were interested in this subject.

After the students got to grips with the basic operation of the software they each went their own way in making an installation. The focus here was on experimentation instead of producing, which led to a chill vibe in which the students could freely make while having support from us and Liza.

We had an amazing day with the students and saw some interesting results.
Each artist took their own approach to making their work, some used Arena to mix their existing video work, others jumped on projection mapping and there was even some experimentation with Wire.

We are looking forward to doing more workshops in the future.
If you are interested in a Resolume workshop at your educational institution feel free to contact us at

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