New footage! Riotstarter, Ghosteam, Muzencab

We welcome to the label Riotstarter, a Ukrainian self-taught motion designer based in Kyiv. His main focus is to scare the sh*t out of you and leave you hopeless. Check out his first release NoHopeJustFear.

Ghosteam is back with an all symbolic pack called Trinity.

And if you feel like an artsy type of person, then Blendwash by Muzencab is for you.

NoHopeJustFear by Riotstarter

phpBB [video]

Trinity by Ghosteam
phpBB [video]

Blendwash by Muzencab
phpBB [video]

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Resolume 7.3.3 Released. Have No Fear

Here's another maintenance release to prepare Avenue & Arena for a major new addition to the Resolume family ... have no fear, shiny new toys coming soon.

Fix List
#14074 Doing a clean install on Windows, Example.avc is not copied and loaded on startup
#14781 Crash switching decks
#14813 Playing this mp4 with wrong AAC-audio PTS values crashes Alley on windows
#14817 Capture color conversions are inaccurate
#14881 Undo-redo column insertion breaks with groups sometimes
#14935 Midi (by position) shortcut no worky after undoing group column insert
#14956 Text Animation doesn't leave a valid context
#14987 L fixtures send different value than expected
#15005 Video mixer gets garbage texture from somewhere
#15023 Media Manager freezes trying to reconnect a file with a different name
#15143 Capture input starts to trail in feedback

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or checkout the downloads page.

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New footage! Dan Chelger, FixPix, madvisuals_vj

Keep 'em videologies coming! On this beautiful day Dan Chelger drops the third chapter of his made with love analog loops.
FixPix thinks of our wishes and brings us a pack of loops designed for transparent screens. We can see it in the title: HoloVol1 😉 is just the beginning.
We like all sorts of vibes but OrganikVibes we like the most. madvisuals_vj invites us to vibe inside the microcosmos or vibe outside the macrocosmos.

Videologies3 by Dan Chelger

phpBB [video]

HoloVol1 by FixPix
phpBB [video]

OrganikVibes by madvisuals_vj
phpBB [video]

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Entire Resolume Footage Catalog Now Available as NFT, Bidding Starts at 250K ETH

With NFT’s being all the rave rage these days we had to get in on the gold rush and also start offering NFT’s. But not just any NFT of course, in our first ever NFT offering we decided to go big, not one silly loop but our entire catalog of 12.317 individual loops! Spread out over 361 different footage packs it includes the very finest 4K 3D animated tunnels like IntoTheGlow. Analog goodies like the Videologies series. Timeless classics like VJSurvivalKit 1 to 5 but also golden oldies like LineDancers and DiscoFever.

This is a total of 6.8 TB of data so downloading it all will take 33 years, 5 months, 27 days, 5 hours, 27 minutes and 6 seconds on a 56k modem. But it will be so worth the wait. Just imagine the amount of time you’ll spend staring at your modem’s flickering LED lights. It will be pure bliss, nothing is more calming and satisfying than staring at LED’s and watching the bits and bobs flood your hard-drives.

Get your ultimate VJ bragging rights and buy the entire Resolume Footage Catalog!
Bidding starts at 250K ETH.

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New footage! 🤖🌿🤵☄️🚀⌚

We welcome to the label Maverixs Visuals. Their first release Cyborg Space features a steel warrior sent to save us from the plague. Unit44 is back with Woods2, while VJ Galaxy confronts us with the story of a Normal Guy.
Tomika drops Object, a pack of 27 out of this world loops, VJ Picles takes us on a quarantine free travel through the Space Universe and we love ourselves some analog Videologies2 from Dan Chelger.


Cyborg Space by Maverixs Visuals

phpBB [video]

Woods2 by Unit44
phpBB [video]

Normal Guy by VJ Galaxy
phpBB [video]

Object by Tomika
phpBB [video]

Space Universe by VJ Picles
phpBB [video]

Videologies2 by Dan Chelger
phpBB [video]

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Resolume 7.3.2 Maintenance Release

No snazzy new features (yet) but bug fixes as far as my eyes can see.

Fix List
#10410 Crash renaming slice or lumiverse in Advanced output
#14401 Crash trying to draw new font
#14768 Crash trying to convert with start marker moved from 0
#14782 Crash showing file in explorer from other deck
#14788 Crash clicking on register offline with language set to Chinese
#14801 Crash loading GB18030 bitmap font in text animator
#14802 Crash playing AV file with wrong duration set in AVPacket
#14835 App fullscreen resize freezes Arena on Big Sur
#14750 BMD ATEM mini not working on OSX Big Sur
#14687 Transparency lost from camera capture, like Nvidia broadcast
#14793 OBS camera clip doesn't update texture
#14819 NDI clips don't get a server selected dropping them to your composition
#14823 Update NDI libs in installers
#10289 Audio Cracks when Starting and Stopping an Audio File
#11536 Some gifs don't play till the end
#13574 Identify display shows a different number than the output menu and ASS
#14445 Notify user when saving composition fails - Windows Controlled folder access
#14625 Play next clip breaks on clips which need to be relocated
#14652 Moving decks the deck list flashes positions
#14664 Setting Shortcut to Toggle, max value is kept from Value mode, slider shows wrong position
#14668 "No output device" selection resets to first in the list when audio device is added or removed
#14744 AV renders with files with different length audio and video streams get aborted
#14761 This composition has font-baseline wrong with 'Character'-animation
#14917 Text block line width is not breaking lines any more
#14767 Redo duplicate layer group column seems to break with two groups
#14825 Re-doing group column duplicate breaks if you undo too far
#14838 Relative play mode jumps to wrong position
#14843 Opening pre 7.3 compositions from the Composition panel, effects are not loaded
#14846 Recording with no empty column in layer 1 causes crash
#14857 AV recording only gets a 35 minutes long audio track
#14931 Prores 4444 XQ with alpha plays incorrect
#14374 Prores renders and recordings are not recognized properly by Adobe

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or checkout the downloads page.

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New footage! Albertus Luki, VJ Galaxy, Dan Chelger

Dan Chelger is back with Videologies2, a pack that includes a series of experiments made with a new analog equipment based on "The Wobbulator", a device built in 1968 by Nam June Paik. If you want to build your own, head over to Dan Chelger's blog for more information.

VJ Galaxy brings us InternationalPatterns, a pack of animated native, aboriginal and ancient patterns. All patterns come with alpha channel included.

Albertus Luki built us a bpm synced Barricade and we are loving it!

Videologies2 by Dan Chelger

phpBB [video]

International Patterns by VJ Galaxy
phpBB [video]

Barricade by Albertus Luki
phpBB [video]

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