New Footage Releases - Attack of the Plexified Robot Vectors

These three releases are extra special! Not only do we have two new artists who are sharing their skills with you, we also have the highly anticipated second release by best-seller Luminator. Apparently good things come in twos.

Luminator gets on point, plexus style.

Ghosteam drops some logic, robo style.

And STV in Motion takes the center, vector style.

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"Create Visuals with Resolume" And The Winner is:

We knew Resolume could be used for creating content. We filled a few hours in the early morning just playing around with lines and solids ourselves.

But we had no idea about how far it could be taken. You took us on trips to strange and awesome places of geometric meditation. Others went to dark and scary lands of broken glitch and thunderstorms. Some of you actually brought back postcards of landscapes filled with wonderful creatures.

It was amazing. Best of all, because the .avc file had to be shared, it was a great learning experience as well. If you want to know how a particular look was achieved, you can just download the comp and see for yourself.

Next time somebody says Resolume does not have enough effects, we can just point him or her to this thread.

But of course you all want to know who won, so here are the winners:

First place:
"Comp Entry" 1 by Liam_Blend

We would play this on any screen, at any party, at any time. It's got everything a clip needs: detail, color, contrast, depth, rhythm and lots of black. We wonder if it makes coffee too.

Second place:
"Sad cosmic" owl by VJ Biolume

Because sad cosmic owl is sad. And cosmic.

Of course there was so much good material to pick from, so here are the honorable mentions:

"2colortech" by dirtyjohnlv

This was our favourite for a big part of the competition. Bold, energetic and full of contrast.

"Cosmic interference" by digital:snot

The first one that made us open the composition and check how it was done. Always a good sign.

"AKIBA NE-ON" by nkgw-a

It's interesting that glitch was considered cutting edge and avantgarde not too long ago, but now it's almost old-school. We like old-school.

"TEST 04" by VJ Granda

VJ ammo that will kill on any screen. Boom! Headshot!

"Mhlzhn21" by mahlzahn

Mahlzahn deserves an honorable mention if only for the fact that about half of the entries in the comp are his.

"Generative visuals" by aleksey notkin

This one made us doubt if it was actually made in Resolume. Even after the comp was uploaded we're still not exactly sure how some of it is done.

"8-bit avatar generator" by cosmowe

If you're over 30, you have a soft spot for anything 8 bit.

"Resolume contest" by Rebeloverlay

Spencer is disqualified because he already is the best selling artist on our label and he gets his arena serials for free anyway.

"Silent Light, Wholly Light" by J Benj

Bart swears that this video is filled with big morphing Darth Vader faces. We don't see it.

"Contest2" by SHQ

We had a few landscape entries, but the paper boat made this one complete.

Congrats to the winners, and a huge "thank you" to everyone who participated. You're amazing people, that's what you are.

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Create Visuals with Resolume and Win an Arena License!

Update: Thanks everybody for making this the best thread ever on our forum! Competition is now closed and the winner is announced here.

We love generative visuals. Besides the endless options during live performance, the creative process is different as well. There's something very satisfying about tweaking a parameter and immediately seeing the results. You can get into a creative flow that is not possible when you're stuck waiting for ram previews or play blasts.

We love it so much, we made the CalculatingInfinity loop pack from scratch using nothing but the built-in effects and sources of Resolume. To spread the love we thought we put together a little contest to go with it.

To participate, all you have to do is fire up Resolume and go crazy with the sources, effects and blend modes. Make combinations that you didn't think were possible. Stack effects as high as wedding cake to make something totally new out of that Solid Color. Flip the order of the blend modes and see what comes out. Above all, have fun with it!

Don't think it's possible? Don't know where to start? Here's a tutorial on how to make some tasty content from scratch:

The only rule is simple: you can only use the built-in effects and sources of Resolume. No still images, videos or webcam footage.

Record your output, upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and post it as a reply on this thread. Don't forget to Include your .avc as a zipped attachment.

Amaze us. First Runner Up walks away with a brand spanking license of Avenue. The Winner walks away with Arena and gets to release his or her work on the label.

Now go and make us proud!

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