Make Some Noisia

Dutch electronic megahouse Noisia has been rocking the planet with their latest album ‘Outer Edges’.

Photo by Diana Gheorghiu

It was a wait. But one that was truly worth it. Essentially a concept album, they pushed the boundaries on this one by backing it up with a ‘concept tour’.

An audio-visual phenomenon with rivetting content, perfect sync & melt-yo-face energy, the Outer Edges show is one that could not pass our dissection.

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Max for Live Resolume Patches

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Checkout this new set of Max for Live patches that allow you to control Resolume from Ableton Live without requiring any tedious MIDI mapping. You can trigger clips and control parameters so once it's all set up all you have to do is concentrate on your music and effects in Live and Resolume will just follow.

Clip Launcher
This is a simple way to connect clips in Live to clips in Resolume. Simply drop it on a track in Live, and it will trigger clips in Resolume when you trigger clips in Live automatically. It corresponds exactly, so clip 1 in track 1 in Live connects to clip 1 in layer 1 in Resolume, clip 2 to clip 2 etc.
ClipLauncher.png (14.58 KiB) Viewed 34123 times
Parameter Forwarder
Dropping this guy behind an effect in an effect chain, will allow you to forward parameter information to Resolume. You can choose which parameter you want to forward from a dropdown, and send it to any parameter in Resolume by entering the OSC address.
ParameterForwarder.png (37.88 KiB) Viewed 34116 times
Resolume Dispatcher
The Dispatcher connects the Clip Launcher and Parameter Forwarder to Resolume. You always need to have an active Dispatcher in order to communicate between Live and Resolume (but you canʼt have more than one).
Dispatcher.png (15.71 KiB) Viewed 34123 times
Download for Ableton Live 10 and Resolume 7.
Download v2.2, compatible with Resolume 6.
Download v1.10, compatible with Resolume 5 and earlier.
Instructions PDF

Version 1.8 and up now also send BPM values and Start/Stop messages...
Dispatcher 1_8.png
Dispatcher 1_8.png (17.12 KiB) Viewed 25902 times
Thanks to Mattijs Kneppers from and Denys Sanz for creating these handy patches!

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Idiron AV: Max4Live patches for Resolume

Anyone that has been VJ'ing for more than 5 minutes will have at some point or other asked themselves: how do I make this visual fit the music? Regardless of whether you're making full-on AV sets, or banging out the lumens in a club to somebody else's tune, matching the visuals to the music is what stands a VJ apart from a WinAmp visualizer.

Enter Gilbert Sinnott, the man behind Idiron AV. Gilbert spent a lot of time thinking about how to match audio to visuals, and vice versa. In fact he graduated on the subject in his final year of studying Multimedia Design + Tech BSc at Brunel University in 2010. After finishing his studies, he developed this concept into a complete set of tools for creating, syncing and performing with audio and visuals as a unified whole. He called this project Idiron AV, and you can see it in action below.

Gilbert's research took him further than just techniques as audio FFT and midi sync, although of course they feature heavily as well. He also developed concepts regarding what sort of content should be used, and how to best control it.

Best of all, he's not afraid to share with the other kids in the visual playground.

He developed a comprehensive set of Max4Live patches, that allow you to send FFT data from Ableton straight to Resolume via OSC. With these you get some really cool ways of linking FFT and midi data from Ableton to the timeline in Resolume. By an ingenious way of using the dashboard as an intermediary you have plenty of options to configure the sync to your own specific needs as well. To help get you started Gilbert even provides a little tutorial video.

Aside from the Max4Live patches, he's using some custom TouchOSC patches to control the whole performance, which you can also download from his site. So head on over to for more info, and of course to download these handy tools. Don't forget to check out Gilbert's other music, and to leave a thank you and/or donation while you're there!

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Trigger Resolume Clips With Max for Live

Getting tired of endless MIDI mapping to trigger clips in Resolume with Ableton Live? Checkout these Max for Live patches. These patches translate MIDI notes played in Live to OSC messages for Resolume. This means you do not have to do any complicated & cumbersome MIDI mappings to trigger clips in Resolume.

M4L-1.gif (3.44 KiB) Viewed 17044 times
M4L-2.gif (12.99 KiB) Viewed 17044 times

We hope you like it too! Let us know. A million thanks go out to Pandelis Diamantides for creating these patches for us. Checkout his music on Facebook.

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