AbrilBeats by NEXUS-6  

Locked to the beat and synced to the pixel

Enough variation to keep things fresh, yet still enough of a theme to blend in a mix. I pity the April Fool that doesn't get this pack


More 3d & abstract & geometric & glow & tunnel Style

We can feel the festival vibes coming.

The light within will guide your vj-ing sets.

It all begins with glass, the prime material.

More by NEXUS-6

Abstract 3D tunnel zoom galore.

Abstract magical tunnels, strange alien machinery and geometric glowing objects.

Made by NEXUS-6

Nexus6 is the artistic name of Manolo Soler. Manolo comes from the VFX world, and has been working on video games, movies and commercials. This took him from San Francisco to Germany and then to Spain.

Since 2010 he has been working in the creation of visuals for several DJs, showing his visuals all over the world. The DJs include Joachim Garraud, Steve Aoki, Nervo, DJ Vice, Vicetone and Perry Farrell.


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.