Ethnik2 by Laak

Start packing, cause we are going on a journey!

Laak is back with a new strong visuals pack at your disposal. Ethnik 2 is a natural continuation of Ethnik 1, the visuals that take you on a tour around the world. Put on your seat belts and start rocking those screens.

Audio by WeAreTallOrder

Ethnik2_01 Ethnik2_03 Ethnik2_02 Ethnik2_04 Ethnik2_05 Ethnik2_06 Ethnik2_07 Ethnik2_08 Ethnik2_09 Ethnik2_10 Ethnik2_11 Ethnik2_13 Ethnik2_12 Ethnik2_14 Ethnik2_15 Ethnik2_16 Ethnik2_17 Ethnik2_19 Ethnik2_18 Ethnik2_21 Ethnik2_20 Ethnik2_22 Ethnik2_24 Ethnik2_23 Ethnik2_25 Ethnik2_26 Ethnik2_27 Ethnik2_29 Ethnik2_28 Ethnik2_31 Ethnik2_32 Ethnik2_33 Ethnik2_34 Ethnik2_30 Ethnik2_36 Ethnik2_35 Ethnik2_38 Ethnik2_37 Ethnik2_39 Ethnik2_40 Ethnik2_43 Ethnik2_42 Ethnik2_41 Ethnik2_45 Ethnik2_44 Ethnik2_46 Ethnik2_48 Ethnik2_47 Ethnik2_49 Ethnik2_50 Ethnik2_51 Ethnik2_53 Ethnik2_52 Ethnik2_55 Ethnik2_54 Ethnik2_57 Ethnik2_56 Ethnik2_58 Ethnik2_59 Ethnik2_60 Ethnik2_61 Ethnik2_62 Ethnik2_64 Ethnik2_63 Ethnik2_65 Ethnik2_67 Ethnik2_68 Ethnik2_66 Ethnik2_70 Ethnik2_69 Ethnik2_71 Ethnik2_73 Ethnik2_72 Ethnik2_74 Ethnik2_76 Ethnik2_75 Ethnik2_77 Ethnik2_78 Ethnik2_80 Ethnik2_79 Ethnik2_82 Ethnik2_81 Ethnik2_83 Ethnik2_85 Ethnik2_86 Ethnik2_84 Ethnik2_87 Ethnik2_89 Ethnik2_90 Ethnik2_88 Ethnik2_91 Ethnik2_93 Ethnik2_92 Ethnik2_94 Ethnik2_95

More 3D & Animal & Layered & Glow & Tribal Style


It's all about the illusion of depth.


Leave your glow sticks in the freezer and let these clips light up the party.

Panoramic Triplewide!

Take in a wide perspective on life.


Just when you thought they had reached the end of their lifetime…

More by Laak


Even when mixing at breakneck speeds, 1 minute is not enough to show the full range of this pack. 100 (!) loops with a mix of 3D, 2D, glitch, tunnels, abstract, masks and loads more. Be prepared for the summer festival season!


Laak meets National Geographic magazine.


It’s hip to be SQR!


Laak shows his love for lush colours and silky smooth animation. Beautiful complex abstract geometry transforms before your eyes, always staying crisp, clean and awesome.

Made by Laak

Laak also known as Bart Verlaak is a Belgian motion graphic designer, illustrator, 2D/3D animator classically schooled in both traditional animation as 3D animation. He has over 5 years of professional experience creating custom content for DJ's, commercials, motion design and illustrations. Graduated 2008 at the Media & Design academy Genk, won the Raoul Servais prize for best young animation director in Belgium.


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.