FantasticVoyage by Matthias Müller

Reinventing the tunnel is not an easy feat by any means, but FantasticVoyage brings a quality and vividness to the genre that's few and far between. You can't help but be sucked in.

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  • € 49.00
  • € 69.00
  • 19 video clips
  • Photo Jpeg & DXV
FantasticVoyage_01 FantasticVoyage_02 FantasticVoyage_03 FantasticVoyage_04 FantasticVoyage_05 FantasticVoyage_06 FantasticVoyage_07 FantasticVoyage_08 FantasticVoyage_09 FantasticVoyage_10 FantasticVoyage_11 FantasticVoyage_12 FantasticVoyage_13 FantasticVoyage_14 FantasticVoyage_15 FantasticVoyage_16 FantasticVoyage_17 FantasticVoyage_18 FantasticVoyage_19

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Made by Matthias Müller

Matthias Müller is a german vfx producer. His tools include 3ds Max,  particle flow + box#2, box#3,   Krakatoa + Frost,  FumeFX and V-ray. What he makes with those tools is awesome.


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.