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by stunami
Thu May 22, 2014 04:04
Forum: Problems? Bugs? Solutions!
Topic: 4.1.9 crashing
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Re: 4.1.9 crashing

Crashes on me too. Damn I may just run 4.1.8 for this gig tomorrow Mine crashes intermittently when I drag a clip from the Files Browser to a deck. Thats the only trigger I found. All media is QT dxv 25 fps @ 1024x567 Is there a preference purge or anything we should do after updating? Or is this a ...
by stunami
Fri May 02, 2014 02:53
Forum: General Chat
Topic: iPad Screen in Resolume
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Re: iPad Screen in Resolume

I'm struggling to get any results with this. All the help online makes it sound like its plug and play. Step 1. Installed AirServer 5 and launched it Step 2: Set mirroring to 720p in preferences Step 3: Launced YouTube for test and airplay it into AirServer Step 4: Open Resolume and navigate to SOUR...
by stunami
Thu May 01, 2014 03:35
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Topic: Go-Pro Hero 3 Black ed./ live stream vid/Resolume
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Re: Go-Pro Hero 3 Black ed./ live stream vid/Resolume

I've see a very smooth stream from this tutorial that opens the WIFI location in Quicktime player instead of VLC. Now it may bot be 1080p but I mix live at 720p. So how could we get the Quicktime stream to show up in Resolume Sources? As long as we can get 18-25 frames per second it would work for m...
by stunami
Sat Oct 26, 2013 01:23
Forum: Problems? Bugs? Solutions!
Topic: 2 Resolume Arena OSC Problem
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Re: 2 Resolume Arena OSC Problem

I am using 4.1.7 and out of the blue I cannot get any clip to play in my output preview window. I don't know where to begin troubleshooting it. Opacity is at 100% and there are NO effects being used. What do you suggest I do? The screen capture above is the same thing I see. Blank output but preview...