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by edwin
Fri Oct 26, 2001 14:39
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Topic: Quicktime video codec?
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why doesn't resolume have it, does it give a white preview or does it give an error..
The .mov support from Resolume isn't great.
We just recommend that you use .avi's renderd with cinepak with each frame being a keyframe....
for more info on this subject you can read the manual...
by edwin
Fri Oct 26, 2001 14:27
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Topic: MIDI w/ Soundblaster LIVE
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Jesse and Genoflex, i wonder wether you both got midi to work with resolume. Do you have any idea why it at first didn't work and now it does? And the second question is in wich way you would like the midi implementation to be improved, so what parameters would you like to be able to set additionall...
by edwin
Thu Oct 25, 2001 18:46
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Topic: We just came back from the VideA festival in Barcelona!
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We are back and ready to answer all your questions again. So we try to react to all the posts that were done while we were away! VideA was a great succes, we realy loved to see people from the vj scene (developers as well as artist) working together and having discussions about the ins and outs of v...
by edwin
Sun Oct 07, 2001 11:50
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Topic: Resolume Update?
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any planned money transfers to our Resolume account yet? ;-)

we are working on some issues especially according to speed problems, so yes we are working on an update but it's hard to say when it will be released..
by edwin
Mon Oct 01, 2001 16:44
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Topic: Performance
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hi genoflex,
we didn't had the opportunity yet to see the matrox g550 videocard in action.
Can you tell us some more how this zoom option works... and if this is also available on the matrox g450...(we didn't find it so it propably won't ..but maybe you know more than us..)...
by edwin
Thu Sep 20, 2001 12:33
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Topic: Couple question
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indeed that's a bug... and we are looking for a sollution for this... but especially the technical part behind it is a bit tricky... we also want it to be easier to switch decks.. so yes we are gonna look into this... but this bug will be fixed in a later version of Resolume 1.1. we ...
by edwin
Thu Mar 29, 2001 09:08
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Topic: Welcome to the Resolume discussion msg-board
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Welcome from me too!