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by ReggieUnderground
Tue Apr 14, 2015 07:48
Forum: Problems? Bugs? Solutions!
Topic: Mixing layers, luma keying
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Re: Mixing layers, luma keying

Joris wrote:We could spend an afternoon making a luma key effect with threshold and softness params. What does the forum say?
I've only needed it a couple times, but those params would be nice to have for live inputs and last minute content hand-offs from artists.
by ReggieUnderground
Sun Apr 12, 2015 21:32
Forum: New Features
Topic: New column from currently playing clips
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Re: New column from currently playing clips

This is a cool idea but I'm not sure how it could be implemented in Resolume. For example, what if part of the look you want to "save" includes global effects and particular blend modes across layers? If it were possible to recall this exact state of your Deck and Comp, it would likely overwrite/cha...
by ReggieUnderground
Mon Apr 06, 2015 02:31
Forum: Problems? Bugs? Solutions!
Topic: mavericks or yosemite?
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Re: mavericks or yosemite?

Pretty sure you can't install a version of Mac OS lower than the version your computer shipped with. Doing a reinstall of Yosemite may help though. Resolume 4.2 seems to be working much better for people on Yosemite. Have you upgraded to 4.2? Edit: Sometimes there are just bad computers. If you do t...
by ReggieUnderground
Sat Apr 04, 2015 05:37
Forum: Problems? Bugs? Solutions!
Topic: need to recode DXV 2.0 Loops?
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Re: need to recode DXV 2.0 Loops?

Clips have to be encoded as DXV3 to gain the benefits of DXV3. DXV2 won't magically look better. You should re-encode assets from your best source. Taking DXV2 media and transcoding to DXV3 will not look good as you get generational loss. If you bought footage from the Resolume site, you can downloa...
by ReggieUnderground
Sat Apr 04, 2015 05:30
Forum: General Chat
Topic: DXV2 to DXV3
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Re: DXV2 to DXV3

Re-encode from your TIFF source. You're correct that you'll get generation loss transcoding 2 to 3.
by ReggieUnderground
Tue Mar 24, 2015 17:08
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Topic: Gorgeous & Playful Interactive Projection Mapping
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Re: Gorgeous & Playful Interactive Projection Mapping

Great work! I like this path to augmented reality much better than headsets and glasses. This brings people together and encourages discussion, while the other isolates us inside our own thoughts.
by ReggieUnderground
Fri Jan 30, 2015 00:59
Forum: General Chat
Topic: update
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Re: update

There is a really good update in the works and we'll see it once the team has thoroughly tested it. Soon, hopefully.
by ReggieUnderground
Fri Dec 26, 2014 20:31
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Tuna Knobs
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Tuna Knobs

Got a surprise in the mail today -- my Tuna Knobs! These are knobs with suction cups that attach to your touch devices to make apps like TouchOSC more useable. It's a Kickstarter project and they just started shipping the units out. The concept is great and they do work, but I must say I'm a little ...
by ReggieUnderground
Mon Dec 22, 2014 19:18
Forum: New Features
Topic: Floating Clips
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Re: Floating Clips

+1 Persistent Layers that do not change as you switch Decks in a Composition. Perfect for logos, inputs, effect clips, etc If you had to choose whether these layers were always at the bottom or top of each deck, which would you prefer? Both options would be ideal, though if I had to pick one I would...