Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.2 Update

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.2 Update

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We just keep repeating JAY-Z's verse; On to the Next One. On to the Next one. Now double your Resolume and make a stack. 6.0.2 is released.

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Fix List
10312 appcrash trying to import an R5 screen setup to R6 ASS
10127 Where are all the Effect presets?
10221 Crash when trying to copy - paste
10036 h264 colors not accurate on windows vs DXV files, is fine on mac.
10400 No line when inserting clip
10139 Selected layer shortcuts are not being sent out
10063 Apphang accessing clip with missing track from R5 imported composition
9904 Absolute OSC messages not working when you try to set to a negative value
10212 Slice with mask in Slice transform effect renders (ASS-)masked area of slice as black instead of transparent
10166 Instant appcrash dropping attached mov file to composition
10128 Feedback source in a composition from R5 is not reconencted in R6, has a yellow x
10115 Preset with Dashboard Link not functioning properly when putting it on the Composition, Layer & Group.
10096 Importing R5 ASS preset you lose slice layer input assignments
10093 Layer bypass not working in a group unless all layers in group are bypassed
10061 R5 composition import: Layer with manually set forced resolution doesn't scale layer content in R6
9990 Horizontal soft edge is applied on the wrong edge of the slices
9901 ASS Screen Delay>0 dims output when screen opacity !=100%
9898 Duplicating Lumiverse with contextual menu can create conflicting output
9838 Moving layer from-to be layer 1 changes opacity if opacity is at default positions
9621 Layers can get out of order
10258 Appcrash in Avenue while auto pilot launches clip to beat snap
10244 MM: Relocate single file doesn't display correct path after update
10237 Timeline with Envelope linked to clip position should display beats if transport is set to BPM
10225 Layergroup doesn't have FFT
10224 OSC query: address starting with "?" is not OSC specifications compliant
10223 Dropping a clip on the (empty) clip panel on startup doesn't work
10215 SMPTE offset is lost when you switch clip to timeline and save or switch decks
10213 Drag and drop highlight sticks when dropping an video effect (or preset) on empty layer transport clip thumbnail
10202 MM when expanding File Name field the rest of the file info disappears
10194 Deck select button's midi feedback clears the buttons On state
10191 Slice transform set to masking: newly dropped slices show pacmans
10138 OSC Output shortcuts are added to Default Preset
10125 Crossfader fade speed doesn't follow composition tempo in Fade(Legacy) mode
10121 OSC: can't select Jitterbug transition blend, (int 13 ) it selects HardLight too, as int 12
10119 Composition/group direction controls modify still image/source directions
10111 Groups don't show their 'Selected' OSC address
10104 Give Shaper more shapes
10090 Crop Parameters with a Min/Max value and linked to a dashboard, get reset when changing composition
10085 Can't drag a clip directly onto layer's playing clip slot in R6 release
10083 Renaming columns with "#" option doesn't persist in groups when removing columns
10082 Text Block, Alignment and Line Width
10073 HAP videos are missing 8 pixels at the bottom
10068 Shortcut mapping can make resolume appear hung if you have continuous input
10050 Shortcuts, Midi feedback has 2 options for stateless buttons, only the On state is sent as feedback
10037 Distribution of LGPL license
10033 ASS: Shave Ass... prefill with current name
10020 Text generators often show garbled characters
10019 Clip merge - Shift modifier not working for AV destination clips
10009 Text animator, animation starts from previous state on clip relaunch
9995 Bitcrusher Effect's internal sample rate range(?) doesn't update when you change resolume frame rate
9983 Dashboard link component slider playhead doesn't snap mouse correctly
9977 Clip's custom thumbnail gets reset to default when you remove audio track
9962 Default audio clip transport not applied to clip on import sometimes
9954 Shortcuts panel sorting by name doesn't sort by name correctly
9878 Default.xml gives problems when updating from Beta 2 to Beta 3
9848 Composition input slices can be set to Ignore opacity and Bypass/solo, but only when they're part of a multiselection
9842 Text Editor + Envelope creates crashes
9392 When duplicating a deck insert it right next to that deck
8729 Auto update experience - works, but can be improved

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