Resolume 7.0.4: Effect Renaming, Deck & Column Improvements, SMPTE >24 Hours, Bug Fixes

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Resolume 7.0.4: Effect Renaming, Deck & Column Improvements, SMPTE >24 Hours, Bug Fixes

Post by bart »

Resolume 7.0.4 includes many bug fixes but also some minor new features. You can rename effects, remove a lot of columns in one go and each deck can now have it's own number of columns so you do not end up with a lot of empty columns at the end of decks anymore. DMX shortcuts can now be limited to a certain range and SMPTE timecode goes to infinity and beyond!

Rename & Reorder Effects
2-EffectRenameReorder-1.gif (288.35 KiB) Viewed 4284 times
You can now rename an effect when you right-click it and you can simply grab an effect by it's header and drop it to reorder, no need to use the confusing "hamburger menu" icon to reorder anymore.

Remove Columns
Every deck in a composition does not have to have the same number of columns anymore. Each deck can now have it's own number of columns and this keeps your decks nice and tidy. It's also very easy to remove a lot of columns now. Right click a column and you have the option to remove all columns before and after that column.

SMPTE Beyond 24 hours
4-704-smpte-24.gif (17.18 KiB) Viewed 4282 times
According to the SMPTE timecode specifications you're not allowed to send timecode above 24 hours, however it is technically possible to go higher, now Arena will accept timecode up to 35 hours. Thanks to Danny Purdue from Programfeed for requesting this.

DMX Shortcut Range
5-703-dmx-range.gif (31.37 KiB) Viewed 4282 times
You can now easily limit the range on a parameter for DMX shortcuts. For instance control the Scale from 100% to 200% instead of the full 0% to 1000%.

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or head over to the downloads.

Resolume 7.0.4 Fix List
#12375 Rename Effects
#10169 Remove Columns Before || After selected column
#13256 Allow each deck to have their own number of columns
#13190 Range option for DMX shortcuts, like we have for MIDI
#13208 SMPTE beyond 24 hour, 35 hour max
#13343 Crash with AMD GPUs on start with 7.0.3 worked with 7.0.2
#13323 Crash duplicating a deck while it's still loading clips
#13240 Crash making slice larger than max texture with slice transform
#13339 Crash on exit receiving OSC messages
#12816 Fonts from User folder not loaded on windows
#13379 Basic slider on effect bypass not shown after composition load
#13136 Moving a clip to create a clip slot sometimes makes a duplicate of the clip
#13204 Prores clips can show black frame on launch
#13210 Opening composition on another machine that supports different texture sizes, changes the composition resolution.
#13218 Add timestamp to log file lines
#13261 Group column launch OSC addresses are incorrect
#13267 Grid effect ignores Color's alpha component
#13286 Change NDI output mode to be Straight Alpha
#13301 When you rename a folder that's the current location in the files panel, the files panel doesn't refresh.
#13311 Video Clip duration can get set to wrong value after deck switch, changing transport type
#11352 Many Lumiverses and fixtures in the Advanced Output drops FPS, without adding system load
#13278 FPS drops by a lot when you open, then close Advanced Output on windows
#13314 Polygon slices flash up at the original location for a frame, when moved
#13319 Enabling soft edge, doesn't update soft edge for slice instantly
#13308 Enabling soft edge on a slice makes the slice flash to black for a frame
#13348 Slices are grey on Intel Iris (pro) GPUs with 7.0.3, 7.0.2 works fine
#13342 SMPTE input not smooth when higher than ~7 hours
#13412 Crash when pressing Undo after Modifying Polygon slice
#13402 Launching specific SMPTE clip crashes Resolume
#13066 Media manager collects 1 file multiple times if it's in multiple clips
#13371 Effect order changes when dragging to reorder but not dropping it in a new position
#13398 Control + click on macOS no worky to show contextual menu on some UI items
#13401 Scroll-wheel does not scroll the Clips and Layers when mouse is over "empty" part of the clip grid
#13430 After removing an effect preset you get an Untitled 1 preset
#13307 Version 7 takes 80+ seconds to startup on some machines (wait for storage manager)

Alley 2.1.4 Fix List
#13236 Alley does not display some prores444 files correctly, Arena does
#13284 Alley: Changes to filename are not remembered

Wed, 30 Oct Update
We accidentally included the Sliced option in the Adobe DXV Exporters of the previous 7.0.4 release. This option is not working correctly yet so this update removes it again. It will be released as DXV 4 in a future update.

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Re: Resolume 7.0.4: Effect Renaming, Deck & Column Improvements, SMPTE >24 Hours, Bug Fixes

Post by Rcpvideo »

Thanks Resolume Team, I hope this can solve some off my problems

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Re: Resolume 7.0.4: Effect Renaming, Deck & Column Improvements, SMPTE >24 Hours, Bug Fixes

Post by p8guitar »

I bought Arena 7 when it came out but never used it seriously, because my compositions use a lot of
FFGL 1.5 sources. Maybe some day they will be updated to 2.0. Maybe not. the developer said he will update all his FFGL effects, but only two have been updated in the last 4 months.
I wish there was an option to choose between FFGL 1.5 or 2.0 in the preferences, but I understand that this is not possible technically. :(

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