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New footage! Dan Chelger, FixPix, madvisuals_vj

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 15:32
by diana_gheorghiu
Keep 'em videologies coming! On this beautiful day Dan Chelger drops the third chapter of his made with love analog loops.
FixPix thinks of our wishes and brings us a pack of loops designed for transparent screens. We can see it in the title: HoloVol1 😉 is just the beginning.
We like all sorts of vibes but OrganikVibes we like the most. madvisuals_vj invites us to vibe inside the microcosmos or vibe outside the macrocosmos.

Videologies3 by Dan Chelger
phpBB [video]

HoloVol1 by FixPix
phpBB [video]

OrganikVibes by madvisuals_vj
phpBB [video]