Resolume 2.4 beta now available!

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Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Post by palacehotel »

When using 2.3, and putting the live camera input on screen, sometimes the camera image would freeze. Not much trouble, since I just clicked it again and it went ok.

But using 2.4, sometimes when I put the live camera, the program crashes. It happened twice. I´m using an athlon 64 3.0, 1GB ram and ati radeon 256... nothing unusual right?

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just awesome

Post by juLiE »

really happy w/2.4 beta. thanx beaucoup for the speed control on effects, and the BPM (layers w/auto fade in/out) is awesome...gosh, thanx-olah for the hardwork...oh, and now the RGB channels in effects are being retained when saved, yoddle-de-da-voila!!! :-)

p.s. still just using my programmed keyboard (no midi, no whatever, although i'm looking into tablet), but with these new features, maybe i don't need the extra units (although controlling speed by - + keys is much slower and akward than w/knob/slider/tablet-pen, i guess i'll just keep bangin' the hell outta my keyboard, ha).

bises-peace-olah, juLiE :D:D

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Post by Speedle »

I installed it too!! I try and was very impressed!!! Really! It’s fast, good quality. I cant depart from my PC! :)))

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Any news

Post by djmaddis »

Any news on a new Beta? Been a while now since an update.


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