Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

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Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by bart »

So, 2009 is coming to an end and we're happy to present you a free Resolume update before Christmas. This version is again more stable, has smoother deck switching, improved MIDI clock, new effects & blend modes and loads of other improvements.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you had a good 2009. For us 2009 had some stressful periods but we're extremely happy with the direction we have taken with Resolume 3 and all the improvements we made. And we're grateful that we could welcome so many new users in 2009. We're looking forward to all opportunities that 2010 will bring!

Now it's time for us to drink a glass of Champagne and for you it's time to download Resolume Avenue 3.1.3.


Stability Improved
Stability remains our main concern and we managed to fix a couple of potential crashes so this version is even more stable.

Smoother Deck Switching
We have spent a lot of time fine-tuning the deck system to interrupt the playing video as little as possible. Deck switching is now a little bit faster but (more importantly) it does not interrupt the video as much anymore so you can comfortably switch decks during your performances.
decks.jpg (9.72 KiB) Viewed 13217 times
MIDI-Clock Improved
Our audio programmer Tim spent a lot of time improving synchronization via external MIDI-clock. Avenue now follows the external MIDI clock signal more accurately so your clips play sync with Ableton Live, Traktor or any other software or device that can send a MIDI clock.
BPM.jpg (3.19 KiB) Viewed 13217 times
To learn more about MIDI clock checkout this new video tutorial made by Joris on how to sync Avenue to Ableton Live using MIDI.

Z Rotation Fixed
Finally! Thanks to OpenGL expert Daniel Berio. We're looking forward to January when he joins us full-time to work on new features and improvements. Checkout his website:

Shift Glitch Effect
This effect copies a random slice of the video and puts it back in at a different (random) size and position. In Resolume 2 this effect was called Barshift. This version is more tweakable because it has extra Frequency and Size parameters.

Stroboscope Source
Does exactly what you would expect. The two alternating colours are black and white by default but can be adjusted. Including alpha! Please be careful with this one, high contrast, fast flickering images can cause epileptic attacks.

Strobe Effect
The Strobe effect flickers the video on and off, the "background" can be adjusted to any colour.

Static Effect & Source
Also does exactly what you expect, generate static noise ;-) 3 different kinds actually, colour, two-tone and grayscale. Available as a source and an effect. The effect version is great for pushing some grain into a clip when you slide the opacity of the effect down to ~20%.
Fingerprint-191.png (168.11 KiB) Viewed 13221 times
Thanks Matias!
Some of the new plugins (Shift Glitch, Strobes & Statics) are made by Matias Wilkman and are completely open source so you can modify them! We hope it will inspire many programmers to learn and create FreeFrameGL plugins. Checkout his blog: and the plugins source code:

Due to popular demand the Timeswitcher is back. We never knew it was so popular in Resolume 2 so we have rewritten it to work with Resolume 3. You'll find it among the blend modes and transitions on every layer. For all newbies, it switches the layer on and off at a frequency determined by the video opacity.
Timeswitcher.jpg (11.22 KiB) Viewed 13215 times
Mask Blend Mode
You can now turn any layer into a mask for all underlying layers. Because the masks for clips, layers and composition can only be a still image this is a welcome addition if you like to work with animated masks. Select "50 Mask" from the layer's blend modes, slide it to 100% opacity and of you go. Works with any footage, does not have to be grayscale.
mask.jpg (15.75 KiB) Viewed 13215 times
Cube Tiles Effect
Crawl inside a cube where your video is tiled to all 4 walls, let it spin and you think it will look like a bad video effect from teh 80's. Surprisingly, (most if the time) it actually looks great ;-) We're surprised how this cheesy experiment turned into a versatile and useful effect that even 3D haters will like.
ACC_Fotc_0033.png (173.61 KiB) Viewed 13221 times
New Keystone Plugins for Video mapping
We have seen a lot of architectural video mapping projects in 2009 and 2010 will undoubtedly bring even more. We have therefore created 2 new Keystone plugins. Keystone Crop and Keystone Mask. For cropping and masking the video without deforming it. The normal Keystone plugin now has a "Show grid" parameter so it's easier to see the outlines and make precise adjustments. We're looking forward to see your video mapping projects in 2010!
ACC_Fotc_0091.png (62.39 KiB) Viewed 13221 times
PNG Snapshot
We needed a fast way to grab a frame from a video so we can quickly create all the still for our footage releases. So we added this snapshot feature. We hope it's useful for you too. Press Ctrl(Command)+Shift+P to create a PNG image from your composition.

Quickly load a LOT of videos
It's now a lot easier to load a LOT of videos at once. Just select as many videos in the file browser with SHIFT and drag & drop them on one of the columns. (Column 1, Column 2, etc) This will make Avenue load all of them and distribute them to all layers. It's these small things that make your life as a VJ much easier ;-)
collumns.jpg (21.75 KiB) Viewed 13214 times
OSC Improvements
Some main menu items are now accessible through OSC, the most important are the items in the output menu.
To set the output to fullscreen on your second monitor do this:
/application/fullscreen/ 1

The mapping of lists has changed, cuepoints, beatloopr, clip triggerstyle, mixers etc are actually lists. It will make it easier to just send an index instead of a value that actually corresponds to one of the values in the list. So instead of passing in a real value you should now send an index.
/activeclip/video/position/pointsofinterest 2 (sets the third cuepoint)
/activeclip/video/position/jumptopointsofinterest 2 (jumps to the third cuepoint)

This means that your current implementations might be broken because the behaviour of for instance direction has changed as well.
/activeclip/video/position/direction 1 (sets the direction to forwards, 0 = backwards, 1 = forwards, 2 = pause, 3 = random)

This change has opened some more possibilities, for example use the following message to change the blend modes of the active layer.
/activelayer/video/mixeroption1 0 (Changes the blend mode to the first one in the list, 0 to n-1 options).

Other Additions and Improvements
- Added Distance parameter to SHIFT RGB effect
- Added support for FFGL Text parameters
- Redesigned audio device setup code this fixes problems with ASIO drivers and audio playback on Vista.
- Right click on enabled RGB button switches them all on
- Enabled mouse wheel on clip tempo and layer opacity (layer transport panel) Thanks to the Kijkbuiskinderen!
- Rectangular textures (NPOT) is now turned on by default on NVIDIA cards. This makes rendering a bit faster, especially on HD resolutions.

Fixed Bugs
- [fixed] Decks stay in composition although they are cleared.
- [fixed] Remove all composition key mapping also removes menu shortcuts
- [fixed] MIDI mapping is displaying strange character strings
- [fixed] Drag an audio clip on an audio clip that is being previewed causes crash!
- [fixed] Shortcuts on RGB switches only turn on
- [fixed] Resync not working correctly (on xp)
- [fixed] Cannot change audio sample rate on 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
- [fixed] Avenue won't start with some capture devices
- [fixed] Time indicator not visible for Audio clip in timelinemode
- [fixed] Composition level shortcuts are not cleared when a new composition is created
+ many more

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Edwin & Bart & Tim & Joris & Daniel & Matias

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by yochee »

hohoho, this really sounds awesome guys. especially the keystone mapping helper.. thought about that before, maybe to visualize axis-changes etc.. well, great!

i´ll install tha update immediately..

edit: runs smoothly and clip loading is much more fun with the column loading now!!
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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by GeeEs »

:P ... Yeah! You just made my day again!

Last weeks I did some small gig's and I can say I fully switched from 2.41 to Avenue! (used the last beta) Once in a while I had a minor software crashes, 1 time in 10 hours I guess, and probably due to my own fault and nasty switches i made... So it seems and feel to be really steady. Can't wait to try the last final release now!

Great job guys!
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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by willcopps »

Yes! Thanks so much! Can't wait to try it out today... and perfect timing...I'm implementing some OSC for the first time tonight!


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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by gpvillamil »

Nice one, extremely stable and really making the most of the new architecture.

As far as I can tell, all the issues with OSC becoming saturated have disappeared. I've been running the step sequencer at 300bpm for a while, and it is still keeping up nicely.

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by gradek »

oh yeah, good news indeed. will get my Touch Resolume, update online ASAP.

gpvillamil, 300bpm really? wow what kind of music plays that fast, or are you doubling up something at 150?
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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by Godzil »

Thanks for that update, guys.
But i have one problem after upgrading. Avenue is not responding to notebook's microphones. I'm trying all options but nothing happens.

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by gpvillamil »

gradek wrote:oh yeah, good news indeed. will get my Touch Resolume, update online ASAP.

gpvillamil, 300bpm really? wow what kind of music plays that fast, or are you doubling up something at 150?
Yeah, doubling up!

I still have pending your request for beat multipliers in the sequencer... will roll that out shortly.

I also set it so you can use OSC bundles or not, so that TouchOSC can be used simultaneously.

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by francoe »

Im trying the demo, and found some little differences with the 3.1.1 version, that disconcert me.

Casually, yesterday i was exploring the posibilities of avenue 3.1.1 without any footage, just using the gradient and other included fx (Yap, is very limited but i like it).
So, now open the new release and try to drop any of the new sources (strobo & static), looks great.
I drop a radial blur over it and, Oh, whats happen here? the image goes black.
I tried then the iterate, and the same thing.
Then I loaded the yesterday comp, and try it to play the stuff, but all clips goes black.
When I try to come back to the initial deck, the strobo/static clips is no more there anymore
(im sayin thats if i dont save the comp, when i schitch over the decks, my clips dissapear) .
Ok, the clips goes black, because they are a stack of fx over a gradient source.
I can make it visible my clips readjusting the alpha and opacity controls, but the result is not the same.
Im thinking, theres a substancial modification of the blends? I mean, something like IRE level change?

Another thing that surprised me is that you can't set the audio Master Output Channels to No Output.
The past demos do that?
I don't mind the watemark for a try, but that 'resolumeblue' voice is making me mad! :D

Oh, i love the new adds!

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

Post by edwin »

Francoe, could you explain exactly what combinations of sources and effects results in a black image.
Now it's hard to reproduce as i don't know exactly what it is you did.
francoe wrote:I don't mind the watemark for a try, but that 'resolumeblue' voice is making me mad!
LOL, it actually says 'resolume avenue'. But if you turn your volume down you won't have to listen to it.
But i guess that's why you wanted to select 'no output'. We actually need an audio device to run the BPM, the internal clock for the BPM is controlled by the audio card for perfect timing.

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