Resolume Avenue doesn´t show my SDI outputs

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Resolume Avenue doesn´t show my SDI outputs

Post by Goie »

Hello guys,

I just bought Resolume Avenou and I have troubles with connecting my screens by using SDI outputs from my PC. I know that hardware works perfectly fine and I can see the SDI outputs in other applications. But I can not see the SDI outputs in Resolume Avenue and I have no clue how to add it there.

Could you please possible help me with that or do you know why is this happening?

Thank you very much:)

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Re: Resolume Avenue doesn´t show my SDI outputs

Post by Zoltán »

Output via capture card is only supported in Arena

Arena does everything Avenue can and adds a number of premium features.
Arena Only: If you need capture output, or any of the above, you can upgrade your license to Arena for just the price difference, clicking the upgrade button below your serial number in your shop account.
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