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Re: Smooth playback - new topic

Post by svoboda » Thu Aug 22, 2013 13:55


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Re: Smooth playback - new topic

Post by pupdogg » Sat Aug 31, 2013 17:28

Ok, I can understand that Resolume has problems and the company is working hard to fix them. Probably not in this version but Res5 will handle it. However, what's really irritating is that Resolume, as a company or staff, is very secretive about how they make their screens or short clip videos look soo awesome. They always post amazing live performance videos on their Fb page of shows using Resolume. From what I can tell, all of the content they put out, looks just amazing and that is what attracts one to their product. They share all kinds of mini tips and awesome videos but yet fail to visually educate their customer base on how to achieve smooth playback. Don't you think that ought to be a video tutorial of its own?

@goto10 if you really want to help the community , why not create an in-depth video explaining how a smooth performance can be achieved? You talk about FPS of videos not matching yet none of the videos that you sell in your "Footage" section list their FPS. Matter of fact, the video I posted earlier that was stuttering was a clip that I purchased from your Footage section. This isn't a matter that you can tackle with words...pls give your user base an in-depth video explaining how a smooth performance can be achieved. Why not create an online training section with video tutorials (similar to VIDVOX)? They are always posting in-depth video tutorials on how to use their software. To alleviate further pains, we all know that smooth playback is an issue with videos, so why not sell QTZ patches or generative content in your Footage section instead of videos?

Just putting some ideas out there to help your user base. In the meantime, I'm taking a break with VDMX.

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Re: Smooth playback - new topic

Post by Joris » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:42

Hi Puppdogg

Sorry to hear that you think that we are being secretive about certain tricks or techniques, and that we would be keeping these from our users on purpose.

The fact is that there are no such tricks. The footage promo videos are made with the same Resolume version as you are using, simply by loading the videos, choosing a transition and hitting record. The same goes for any live recordings of shows, they are all done without any 'secret setups'.

The good news is that this means that the stuttering you are experiencing, is not caused by the issue mentioned in this thread. We will be glad to provide you with support for your issue, simply send us a

For the sake of keeping this thread on topic, I will not address your other suggestions here. I will be glad to discuss the need for in depth tutorials in another thread. I will however point you to 3 generative footage packs from our shop, that all come with the QC patch or Resolume composition file used to make them: RepetitiveStrain, WaveFunction and CalculatingInfinty. We love generative visuals and in fact have two new releases like this lined up.

I hope this explains things a bit. There is no smooth playback conspiracy ;)

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Re: Smooth playback - new topic

Post by juLiE » Wed Oct 23, 2013 14:25

I only have this stuttering playback issue when I apply audio to the video clip and the buffer size in 'Audio Preferences' is set higher than 1024 (tested 1080p video w/DXV codec & 44.1hz uncompressed .wav with Composition settings 1080p in both Res Ave 4.1.4 & 4.1.7).

Recap : Video plays correctly (smoothly) without audio OR with audio buffer size set to 1024.

FYI Resolume Team : When I checked my the buffer size in 'Audio Preferences' in Res Ave 4.1.4, it was set to 2560 and I don't know how that happened since one can only choose size from a drop down list and not enter a unique value (but I think this was possible in earlier versions, to enter a unique value, yes ? ).

FYI All : This might be of help to some regarding changing resolutions, frequencies...Free Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) : ... tility-CRU (Updated recently 2013)

PS: I've been with Resolume for awhile, using different versions and sometimes I have had playback issues, but more often not :). Issues are sometimes relative, depending on various factors which are not always easy to pinpoint.
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Re: Smooth playback - new topic

Post by xean » Sun Nov 17, 2013 17:44

I also prefer a solution for smooth Playback. For a professionel productio our decision was also for another Media Server. Because with Arena its not possible to Playback Smooth. I really love resolume, but its not possible to play a video without this stutter effect.

I tested with differnte FPS. I createdt a Video with AE. You see this suttering in video pans. For the most VJ Clips its not occur to somebody. But in Movie you will See it in Pans. So I created a Movie with 59.94 FPS in AE for with a moving bar. Its not stuttering the hole time. Only for short parts. Its like some time the Footage its in Phase with the Graphiccard some times its not in Phase with the Graphiccard. The intervall duration is about 2 seconds. But its random. With a mov with 30fps, the stuttering is less.CPU SSD and GPU are never above 30%.

I hope Resolume will solve that problem. Because we had to use another Media Server, without the failure. I love Resolum, may be in Future we can went back to my favorite VJ/ Server.

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Re: Smooth playback - new topic

Post by xean » Sun Nov 17, 2013 23:05

After Investing a lot of hours I found the same out than Julie.

Rendering a Movie with DXV with Quality 29 without Sound with 30FPS there is no stuttering! If for a movie the Quality with 90 there are some stutters. GPU brings full 59.94 FPS and also only 20% Ressources used.

With a Quality of 29 the same Ressources needed but there is a smooth Playback (Only without Sound!). May be there are Some Restrictions in NVidia Cards...

Adding a Wave Track to the Movie, then there is stuttering! I tried 44.1 and 48. Changed Sound Buffering in Resolume. Stuttering!. I Think you Programmer should look in this Direction. Becuase a Video plays back smoothly without Sound and a lower Quality Level! With Sound the Problems wit random stuttering is there!

Goto10 please give a Feedback.

Movie with 30FPS should be created without Sound and Qulity 29 (1920x1080 Output 59.94FPS)

May be another one can also Test it. I uploaded two DXV Clips. The First one shoult run Smooth on 1920x1080 Output 59.94 FPS. The second one is not working smooth. Because of music. Both have 30FPS. May be someone can test it also! Thanks!

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Re: Smooth playback - new topic

Post by drazkers » Mon Nov 18, 2013 02:40

Resolume likes to render at 60FPS, try to render your content at 30 frames or 60 frames a second.

I believe goto mentioned that keeping your content evenly divisible will help reduce stutter.

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Re: Smooth playback - new topic

Post by Joris » Mon Nov 18, 2013 09:50

Thanks for the continued testing on this.

We'd like to remind everyone that this is an internal Resolume issue and we are working very hard to fix it.

It can not be eliminated completely by user settings. However, the following steps tend to decrease the visible stutters. Your mileage may vary.

- Set the refresh rate of your output to 60 Hz, or a multiple there of (120Hz).
- Use a fps for your clips of 30 FPS, or a multiple there of (60 FPS).
- If you do not need audio, remove it from the clip. When using audio, set the buffer size to 512 or lower.

We'd also like to note that the quality slider for DXV encoding has no effect whatsoever, neither on image quality, bitrate, file size nor smooth playback.

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