Resolume and freestyler

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DJ Higgumz
Is taking Resolume on a second date
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Resolume and freestyler

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I need help on using resolume with freestyler. I don't have the entec usb to dmx, but I have the dmxking ultra dongle right now I think that shouldn't matter because I will be running both software on the same PC. and if not I will just run over artnet via ethernet cable to a laptop with the dmx software. but- how do I add resolume as a fixture in Freestyler? I'm posting the same question in the freestyler forum aswell.

Is taking Resolume on a second date
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Re: Resolume and freestyler

Post by kingafro »

hi there,
at firts it should be better to run the software on seprate Hardwear because of the performence.
you need to bulid or dowload a fixture for freestyler to use resolume.
artnet works should work fine so you dont need 2 dmx dongels to work with ;)


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