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Windows8 problems - Roland V-800HD and Korg NanoKeys

Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 17:50
by mfo
Hey guys,
i just got my new windows8 notebook with QHD touchscreen display - first impression: awesome! Finally clip triggering per touch screen! Resolume Arena is running fine, scaling to the screen's high DPI (even so it is not properly adapted yet, looks a bit blurry, but given Adobe's situation it is fine).
But problems:

1) Connecting to the Roland V-800HD videomixer results in my output screen being detected as 0 x 0 pixels. In windows screen settings it looks fine, 1920x1080, i could extend the desktop etc. But in Resolume - nada.
Any help??

2) My Korg Nanokeys are not working. Original Nanokeys are not found in Res, not working at all, not even in MidiOx. But the (newly bought) Nanokeys 2 are found (and working fine in MidiOx), but no key presses detected?!

Any help appreciated!

Re: Windows8 problems - Roland V-800HD and Korg NanoKeys

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 01:27
by Joris
1) This is most likely caused by the Windows desktop scaling. When it's not set to 100%, Resolume will report weird resolutions, even though they are set correctly your system prefs.

Just set them all to 100%, and things should be good again: ... ay-scaling

2) It could be the buttons send out midi CCs, where as Resolume expects midi notes for buttons. Use the Korg editor app to check this, and if so, change the output to notes for all buttons.

Re: Windows8 problems - Roland V-800HD and Korg NanoKeys

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 14:34
by mfo
ha, got no email informing me of your reply, sorry for the delay..

1) yeah, i figured that out by testing. it is not related to the Roland but to all external displays in fullHD or lower. once i switch off windows scaling and set my notebook screen to half its native resolution, suddenly secondary display is detected correctly. it's a work-around, but quite an annoying procedure, plus i loose the benefits of my QHD screen.
is there any update of Arena foreseeable that will take care of hiDPI issues? maybe even include an adjusted UI (no upscaling, rather bigger/sharper icons and fonts)? i know that is a lot to ask for ..

2) found a way to use it. i have to start midiOx first, connect with the nanokeys. then stop midiOx and start Arena - voila, Nanokeys are present and working. i guess the problem are bad Korg drivers, as both the Nanokeys as well as the Nanokontrols sometimes disappear and reappear when changing midi software. so i sometimes end up with a list of midi devices: Nanokeys1, Nanokeys2, Nanokeys3 ... only the latest working.

Re: Windows8 problems - Roland V-800HD and Korg NanoKeys

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 17:36
by dirtyjohn_lv
Dell XPS 15 graphics card is a Geforce GT 750M with max resolution of 3840x2160. The laptop resolution is 3200x1800.

Any external screen would have to be 640x360 or smaller, or you have to lower your resolution.

Re: Windows8 problems - Roland V-800HD and Korg NanoKeys

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 17:03
by jjames
I have one of these infernal XPS15 machines. Though I have no trouble running the internal screen at 3600x1800 and an external FullHD display via the mini display port (to hdmi via adapter) with another FullHD screen attached via hdmi. That is a total of 7440 pixels across on a laptop, and I haven't plugged in my tripple head go yet. I am not sure where you get the 3480 x 2160 limit from, but it has been broken.

I have a Korg Nano Kontroller (version 1) I think I remember on a gig that it didn't work. I just thought it was a driver issue with 8.1. It was a gig, so I just used a different midi controller. I will test, as I have gigs coming up.

The scaling issue with Resolume on the hi dpi screen is a real problem though. I would love to see that fixed. I have to peer at the screen to make changes. As much as possible I try to get playback on to midi controls, but it is boring to do the programming on the high dpi screen. Especially after hours at it. Basically I have gone back to using a desktop computer for serious gigs, and only use this high end laptop (that I bought for Resolume) for simple clip mashing gigs - for which the touch screen is great.