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APC40 and APC20 problem

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 05:05
by Belhial
Greets all, I have been using an apc40 on my pc system for shows. I just recently acquired and APC20 and would like to use both in resolume, as I have more sliders and triggers. When i have both hooked up, if i go into preferences it shows both the 20 and the 40, however, when i map something on the apc20, it maps the 40 as well, so slider one on the apc40 is the same as slider 1 on the apc20. is there a way to change the addresses so they are unique?

Ron - Detroit

Re: APC40 and APC20 problem

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 17:23
by Arvol
Hi Belhial,
This is due to both of your APC's being set to broadcast MIDI on the Omni channel (Channels 1-16).
You'll need to program your controllers to be set to an individual MIDI channel, and then set the other controller to any channel except the one you just set for the previous controller.

Hope that makes sense?