Cannot control Layers 13-40. only

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Cannot control Layers 13-40. only

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I have 40 layers created. Which is 4 universes of artnet. I am controlling Resolume Arena 5 from a Grand MA2 over Artnet. I have programmed the show perfectly with the first 12 layers. But it will not let me use anymore for some reason. I know ma2 is set right, I have it all starting at 1 which is artnet 0:0. And have 4 outputs going. And in Resolume you only get one choice of dmx so artnet is talking back and forth.

But nothing on universes 2-4 have any response from the grand ma. please help. pics attached.

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Re: Cannot control Layers 13-40. only

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You can only use one Artnet universe to control Arena.

If you use DMX Auto Map, the comp uses 27 DMX channels (1-27) and each layer is set to use 38 DMX channels so by default you're limited to 12 layers. I'm pretty sure you're not using all 38 channels to control each layer so if you need to control 40 layers, you will need to plan your DMX addressing to suit your needs and remap DMX.

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Re: Cannot control Layers 13-40. only

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^^ Exactly.
If you are not using the MA to control Geometry I would scratch the default DMX map and create your own profile.

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