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Blackmagic Decklink Cards Firmware

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 16:57
by ermany44
Hi everybody,

Curious if anyone else has issues with certain versions of BMD Decklink cards and any of Desktop Video Firmware versions they release?

Specifically our company has a Decklink Quad 2 and Decklink 4k Studio card in the same build. When we first installed the Decklink Quad 2 card, Desktop Video 10.8 would not allow the card to output, just black screen. Installed 10.7 and everything worked fine!

We encountered another issue recently where after a restart, we were prompted to update firmware for Decklink 4K Studio card (10.8.5) and now the cards are not recognized by the Desktop Video Utility, and of course, no longer available in Resolume.

We've reached out to BMD, but there immediate diagnosis process was 1)try card in another machine and 2) if problem persisted, go through RMA process...

It just seems odd after being fairly stable and reliable, that a bad firmware/software update cripples the card.

Any thoughts, experiences with this?

Thank you!

Re: Blackmagic Decklink Cards Firmware

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 12:27
by Amid
Their firmware is very strange, we use the DeckLink 4K Extreme card. But only the old firmware (Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Windows_9.9.6) works fine.
We try new firmware every time, but they do not work well with this card