OSC Mapping Issue

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OSC Mapping Issue

Post by perth »


i'm having trouble with making it work TouchOSC and Resolume 5.
Yet, i get the right data from my smartphone to my laptop by viewing it in OSC Data Monitor.
It looked like this :

[7000]layer1/video/opacity/values 0,333 (float)
[7000]layer1/video/opacity/values 0,445 (float)
[7000]layer1/video/opacity/values 0,573 (float)
[7000]layer1/video/opacity/values 0,619 (float)

however, nothing happens in resolume when i tried to edit application OSC Map.
I checked that the OSC Input was activated in Preferences Panel, that the input port was set to 7000, I disabled the firewall and checked the correct OSC input path.
I lost few hours trying to solve this mystery without success. :?

What i've done wrong ?

Windows 7 64 bits
Resolume 5.0.0
TouchOSC 1.9.9 Android

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Re: OSC Mapping Issue

Post by edwin »

Did you forget to put a forward slash at the beginning of the address?
This should be the correct address:

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