Use different clip as displace/effect source?

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Use different clip as displace/effect source?

Post by ellion »

Hej there,

I'm currently trying to figure out if there is a way to use another layer or clip as an effect source. For instance: Layer 3 is playing some real life footage and Layer 2 is containing some animated b/w mask. Is there a way to use the luma key information as a source for displacing, distorting or any other effect?

I'm also open for other ideas or input to combine footage and animated masks.

it's been a long time, since I used Resolume and I have to find my way around it again. I have to say though it's come a long way and Arena 6 is looking fantastic so far :geek:

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Use different clip as displace/effect source?

Post by He2neg »

Sure you can do that...

Layer 1 is at the bottom and layer 2 is above and so one... so make sure the order is correct for what you want to view at the end...

Blend Mode 50Mask is what i use for get a Mask from a B/W video. Effects can be dropd inside or above the "mask video layer"

Read more about how everything works here:
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Re: Use different clip as displace/effect source?

Post by ojeng »

Hey, I was looking for a good displacement tool for resolume but both Displace blend mode and displace effect dont seem to do it - When i place a layer of a b/w map on top of another layer I want to displace, and then select displace blending mode on top layer, then reduce opacity, the bottom layer is heavily distorted on a pixel level, instead using one image to displace the other. I'm guessing it's trying to do it, but instead of a nice displace it becomes super glitchy and distorted and not nice to look at.
When I place displace effect on a clip, there's no options of using another video as the displacement map source - it looks like its just a generic displace using itself as a displacement map....

What am I missing? been looking all over for this but nobody seems to talk about it.

After effects is doing exactly that, by using Displacement distortion effect and selection whatever layer as the source. That's pretty much what I'm looking for - is it possible?


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Re: Use different clip as displace/effect source?

Post by Zoltán »

Could you upload some clip frames and a screenshot of your how the displace looks like in AE and with the same clip frames in Resolume?
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Re: Use different clip as displace/effect source?

Post by francoe »

Yap, displacement isn't so good as you can expect, but if you use the blend mode need to put your b/w footage on the lower layer.

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