Multi-screen stuttering problem

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Re: Multi-screen stuttering problem

Post by drazkers »

Oaktown wrote: Mon Nov 12, 2018 15:59
drazkers wrote:One thing you can do is connect the cards with an SLI cable and then Configure Surround displays. Sometimes it fixes it, sometimes it doesn't.
I don't believe the 1050 cards can do Surround in SLI mode. Also with 1080 cards in SLI mode, Surround supports 3 screens max. but could connect 2 accessory displays so it wouldn't really help.
Zoltan wrote:SLI disables the outputs on the second card completely as far as I know.
Yes, SLI only increases the processing power not the number of outputs.
Zoltan wrote:So, the safest solution would be a Quadro card to 2x FX4-s I think.
Yes, with 2 Datapath FX4, you could drive up to 8 screens in sync by using the DisplayPort through port and in this particular case, I would plan the screen layout in Wall Designer rather than in the advanced output.

Another option would be to switch to 2 (or more) Quadro cards with a Sync (I or II) card.

So i kinda thought the same thing but afew years ago i had a server delivered that used Nvidia surround to power 4 projectors and a monitor. It was actually critical to keep the touch designer file at 30 FPS. Without surround it dropped to 21 FPS. It was quite difficult to get working but when it did finally take it actually worked out fairly well and even fixed sync.

I then toured around europe with it for about 3 weeks until we took some flights and I used my laptop and X4(while transitioning the timecode system to resolume).

I swore up and down thats not how it works but i defiantly was proven wrong. But i had 5 outs between two 960's working with surround and the key part was the SLI cable.

EDIT: missed the accessory screen remark, shows how it works for my case but not OPS!

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Re: Multi-screen stuttering problem

Post by cvanhoose »

I have always experienced stuttering issues with utilizing the outputs across dual cards. It does not matter the build.
If you want smooth playback, use 1 GPU with a distributor such as Datapath or Aja.

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