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NDI Server offline.....?

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 18:56
by Yuckfou157

Little question, I try to connect my Mac with Arena 6 to my Intel Nuc with Avenue 6 but on both sides the servers are offline while, loading their own NDI in shows the output as I expected, both machines are DHCP, firewalls checked and my knowledge is drying up...anyone an idea where to look?
I Have used this Arena Mac with NDI from a windows machine before and that worked, but now, the other way around I get no image on both machines from the NDI....

Re: NDI Server offline.....?

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 17:42
by Zoltán
Do the logs on the receiver show a connection attempt?
Do the NDI sources show up in Sources tab?

Re: NDI Server offline.....?

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 17:50
by Joris
both machines are DHCP
Do you mean they're both set to automatic DHCP, or that you've actually connected them to a router handing out IPs?

Re: NDI Server offline.....?

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 04:27
by Arvol
For testing purposes, Can you create a solid color in layer 1, let's say Red for machine #1 and Blue for machine #2, then in advanced output can you create a new screen and change the input focus of that slice to layer 1, then make that screen output to NDI.

On each of your machine's can you open Newtek's Studio Monitor and select your Resolume source? Can you see the solid colors on the local machines?
If yes, then your NDI is working locally and your issue (among 95% of ALL NDI related issues) seems to be network related.
If no, then you have some sort of weird firewall issue most likely on your local machines.

If the first part works, lets move on to part 2.
Can your studio monitor see your other machine's solid color?
If no, then can you change the IP address of both machines to match settings but with a 1 number offset? example: for machine 1 and for machine 2.
Both machines to have a subnet, and leave gateway blank.
Now connect both machines together via a ethernet cable (most modern NIC's will create an automatic crossover connection)
Give it a few min and can your Studio monitor now see both machine's solid colors?
If yes, then the problem lies in your router/switch.
For 99% of my gig's I would recommend using an unmanaged gigabit switch and not a router. I only use a router when I need to add wireless NDI sources or control (which isn't very often)

My money is on a bad setup in the router, or if the router has some sort of firewall on it.
Try to disable everything on that router so it basically becomes an unmanaged switch that passes out an address to connected devices.

Dumb question, on your current setup, are you able to ping the other machine?

Re: NDI Server offline.....?

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 19:38
by Yuckfou157
Sorry for the late reply guys and sorry that I was unclear about some things.
Of course the gig where I needed it to work is over now and everything went okay, thing is I could only use my Arena machine and not my avenue as the NDI wouldn't work.
Locally both machines showed the comp output in NDI but on the other machine, although they saw eachothers server, wouldn't work as the NDI server was offline...

But a new laptop is coming so we'll see if that works 100% with NDI 8-)