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Live Cam issue

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 03:07
by Wasko
Had an issue with a live feed via magewell that was repeatedly nearly crashing my system on NYE.

SDI to SDI Repeater
SDI to Blackmagic SDI to HDMI (Mini Converter not micro)
HDMI into Magewell
Magewell USB3 to Computer
Magewell as source in Resolume

Resolume was working normally under very little load with the content with the event.

Launching the clip for the Magewell source made the GPU usage immediately spike (Ram, VRAM, CPU usage all normal).

Live video feed visibly chugging in waves on LED screen, corresponding with spikes in GPU usage in Resolume.

Resolume becomes very sensitive to any other GPU usage while magewell source is activated. As in, I move a few parameters on my midi controller and now GPU is spiking to 95% and the software becomes unstable.

Deactivating and removing the live feed / magewell source immediately fixed the problem. Otherwise the GPU usage would spike and the software would be close to crashing with GPU usage at 95-98%

The show went on, I patched the live cam directly into the LED wall and everything was fine.

I have my suspicions this has to do with the Blackmagic Mini Converter, as they're notorious for unpredicable performance with Resolume and I can't recall having the same issue using Theatrixx or Kramer converters.

I have a GTX980 in this server, but it has always been fine with Magewell live camera in the past.


Re: Live Cam issue

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 07:48
by Empyfree
100% not going to be a Blackmagic issue here. It’s just doing a simple sdi to hdmi conversion, stick a test monitor in there and check, but it can’t possibly cause your PC to slow down!

Issue will be a Magewell comparability/driver issue somewhere.

As a quick test, try opening your Magewell source in “something else” (OBS maybe?) and check it’s working well there.

Re: Live Cam issue

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 17:12
by Wasko
That seemed the be the consensus in the other forums I posted this as well. Funny thing is I've used magewell to capture live cameras after convertering to HDMI from SDI many times with no issues. It's just this one time that it seemed to break my whole system.

The only difference in this case as we're using Blackmagic hardware instead of kramer or theatrixx for the SDI conversion.

Another note is that I'd left all Resolume parameters on the live cam at default except for changing the resolution, but this should be irrelevant is it's always been plug and play with this setup before.