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MIDI Rotary Controllers and snapping values

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 13:37
by VJ_Lazershaft
I have the rotary controllers on my Traktor Kontrol F1 mapped to the clip dashboard dials for an upcoming tour

So lets say I'm on FX clip one and move the first rotary all the way to full, then go to the next FX clip and the same dashboard dial is now mapped to a new effect parameter, which is at say 20%

As soon as I touch that rotary it snaps to the rotary's position (100% from previous use)

Can't see anything in the NI Controller Editor that will help but I know it's possible for this to not happen with MIDI

Any ideas how I can do this in Resolume??

Re: MIDI Rotary Controllers and snapping values

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 20:46
by AngeloDV
It's a hardware limitation. The Traktor F1 has absolute rotaries, so it will always stick/jump from where you start dialing. (Except the one on top of the Browse button, you can try that one)

Arena can send midi feedback to update your rotary, like in the case of the Akai APC. Those rotaries are endless and have a led feedback so Arena can tell it to jump to a different value but in the case of the F1 the software can not tell the Rotary to jump to a value as its a physical rotary from start to end.

I hope you understand what I mean.

On the other hand maybe try to explain what you are trying to achieve in terms of effects and what you want on and off but also when. Nowadays the Envelope can help with a lot of scenarios.

Good luck!

Re: MIDI Rotary Controllers and snapping values

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:09
by VJ_Lazershaft
Yep I thought as much.

It's not a huge issue, I don't use the rotary control all that often but felt like it could have been useful for this show. As it is evolving it looks like it'll make more sense to use them for a few simple master effects only.

I've found with the APC40, the last 3 I've owned felt poorly built and had glitchy issues, perhaps I've just been unlucky, I know a lot of people rate them. I've moved over to the F1 because it feels solid.


Re: MIDI Rotary Controllers and snapping values

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 20:42
by AngeloDV
Interesting, I've used the Akai for a very long time. Now my set consists of 1 mk2 and the F1.
I must say I have more headaches with the F1 which forces you to load up their software from time to time as I manually program and change their LED color with an external app