Colour picker out OSX format

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Colour picker out OSX format

Post by fred_dev »

Does anyone know the data format and types that the colour picker uses over OSC? When I analyse the message I see the type is 'r'. I want to send the info to my won software made with openframeworks, and I cannot decide this message. I can use the RGB sliders to send a colour, but the RGB values do not update when the colour picker is used. It would be great to be able to access this data easily. I am guessing it communicates fine between resolume systems, but talking to other things is also nice.



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Re: Colour picker out OSX format

Post by Zoltán »

You can find the supported OSC type tags here:
OSC color values have the type tag r followed by an unsigned integer representing a 32 bit RGBA color. You can write a color as an int by bitshifting its RGBA values.
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Re: Colour picker out OSX format

Post by edwin »

I just checked and the openframeworks OSC implementation supports Color messages.
ofxOscArgRgbaColor ... RgbaColor/

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