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NDI to Wysiwyg

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 18:30
by tatitup170

I currently own Resolume 6 and Wysiwyg R42. Resolume on Mac and WYG on a separate PC. I have them connected via NDI through network cable. I am able to output video to a single LED wall in WYG with no problems.

I have since built a custom stage with panels in different locations. Starting by building a single giant wall in WYG and then moving pieces of said wall around to my desired locations. I have properly sliced my content in the output transformation but WYG is NOT receiving the advanced output from Resolume. WYG is still showing me 1 single image spread across each wall. I have a separate external monitor via HDMI from the Resolume computer and it is displaying the proper output transformation with each slice in the appropriate spot. I have checked that the output device in the advanced menu is set to NewTek NDI with no success.

Why is the advanced output transformation NOT sending down NDI?

Please advise, thank you.

Re: NDI to Wysiwyg

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 16:19
by Arvol
Can you check the output using the NDI Studio Monitor app and see if that looks correct. Problem could be WSYWG not updating a server list.

Re: NDI to Wysiwyg

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 20:29
by Bassindaniel
Set ip to manual on two computers as 192.168.0.x (x is deferent on each pc).
Download and run NewTek ndi toolkit.
Download and run NewTek ndi diagnostics to text the connection between two computers.

Make sure the advanced output screen is routed to ndi.

Can you see competition ndi in Wysiwyg?

Re: NDI to Wysiwyg

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 00:20
by tatitup170
Thank you both for your reply.

I have found the problem thanks to your advice. I downloaded the Newtek Tool Kit and used the Studio Monitor on the WYG PC receiving the video from Resolume. The Studio Monitor was able to tell me that the PC was receiving two video feeds from Resolume, 1 from the composition and 1 from "screen 1". When I initially set up WYG to receive NDI it defaulted to the composition layer of Resolume which resulted in no advanced output transformation. By simply switching the settings in WYG to display "screen 1" from Resolume and not composition, the virtual video walls displayed my slices as desired.

Thank you both for your help!