FFT Input

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FFT Input

Post by cvanhoose »

Whats up with the FFT input?
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Compare it in both R6 and R7.

Cant seem to make an effect dynamic anymore. Although the audio analysis in the FFT window looks more dynamic.
Example: basic EQ effect using Reveal effect and audio Input. You can load a clip in the generative set and will see a flat EQ in R7 as to R6 produces a dynamic EQ.

I have tried to re-add the effects and audio links with the same result.
Also the input level is a difference between the two versions. R7 need to be cranked up to max to reach the same level.

Maybe this is an issue with the reveal effect?

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Re: FFT Input

Post by Zoltán »

Looks like the input in 7 is 6 dB lower for some reason.
Do you also see a difference in the frequency response?
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