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Sharp lines with no bleed

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 20:57
by lumi_jay
Hello everyone,

I've been on this issue trying to figure out what is going on since 9am this morning (it's now 4pm -_- )

So - I am trying to do a SHARP line with no ghosting/bleeding/AA call it whatever, I just want a 1px line coming out of Resolume.

I tried using Solid Color with a width of 1, gives me a gradient on each sides,
I made custom content in photoshop - 1px wide by 100 high - still get a massive gradient on both side of the line in Resolume. Saved as JPG, PNG, TIFF - nothing works.

Can anyone enlighten me? Is there something I am not understanding about the functionality of Resolume>

Cheers!! :geek:

Re: Sharp lines with no bleed

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 04:23
by Empyfree
Where are you seeing the ghost? Internal preview monitor? External monitors? Tell us about your setup.

Re: Sharp lines with no bleed

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 15:16
by lumi_jay
Hello Emptyfree,
Thanks for the response

Here's a little more info:

I'm using Newtek NDI to share the video feed from Resolume to another software on the same computer.
My composition is 100 pixels by 100 pixels > Output configuration is also set to native 1:1 so 100p x 100p.

If I activate the output on my Monitor 2, I can see the gradient pretty well.
In the NDI Studio Monitor tool, I can see the gradient very clearly also.

And so the software receiving this NDI feed is applying this video to a 100px by 100px virtual LED video-screen. I don't see how the NDI pipeline could affect the gradient, as I see it on my Composition window.

Few screenshots:

1px X 100px Line from photoshop

Clip integration in Resolume
You can already see in the Output Monitor that there is a small gradient applied to the line?

Enabling output on Screen 1 "aka my computer screen" show the following line:

When sending thru the NDI pipeline, here are my Input Selection settings:
Notice how sharp my line is in this shot

Here are my output Transformation settings:
Notice how there is now a gradient on my line

Hope this helps understand the problem!!

Thank you for your time

Re: Sharp lines with no bleed

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 18:21
by Zoltán
In every screenshot, the texture that shows the line is upscaled already, in the advanced output, by 620%

Try to check it with the Windowed output instead of the Full screen output, so Resolume doesn't scale it to your output.
If you want to use the advanced output to check, make sure the scaling is set to 100%

NDI has it's own proprietary codec, which compresses the stream. I wouldn't expect pixel accurate output on the receiving end over NDI.
If you check the output in an NDI monitor, make sure the Monitor window is 100px x 100px to avoid any scaling.