Overlay Still image can see layers underneath

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Overlay Still image can see layers underneath

Post by Begbick » Wed Sep 11, 2019 00:55

Hi - novice here, I have googled and googled and searched this forum to try too figure out how I can overlay a transparency still image on top of layers. Such as a DJ logo where the logo is meant to be solid and appear above layers while the transparent background is not. In photoshop and mix emergency, I have no issues, I can just drag and drop the image and it sits over all other layers. There must be a simple solution. But in resolume, I import the still onto a clip, and it appears translucent and I can still see the layers underneath, no matter what blending style I use. I have tried multiply, add, alpha, mask, etc etc... no matter what I do, the transparent still of my logo does not completely conceal the layers underneath. It appears opaque, even with opacity at 100%, and I can still see the other layers bleed through under the still. I feel like there is something really simple that I am missing. Thanks so much!. :-/

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Re: Overlay Still image can see layers underneath

Post by Empyfree » Wed Sep 11, 2019 07:26

Check the layer opacity. By default it will be at 50%

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