Advanced Output Settings Not Saving

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Advanced Output Settings Not Saving

Post by Pikomonster »

Resolume Arena 6 on Windows.

I make all the adjustments on the advanced output, select the correct device on the output device tab, then save and close advanced output.
At this point, the output display isn’t selected by resolume (even if a display was selected prior to going to advanced, closing advanced reverts it). The little blue dot is only next to Advanced.
Then when i select the display output, the changes i made in advanced goes away and the composition is displayed as is in the composition resolution.

Is there a fix for this? Reinstalling, deleting the documents folder didn’t help.

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Re: Advanced Output Settings Not Saving

Post by ChrisVids »

Hi Pikomonster,
these are two different things. When you chose the display output (either windowed or fullscreen) in the output-menu it always sends the whole composition to the selected screen. There can be only one option selected - either windowed, fullscreen or advanced output.

When you want the changes you made in the advanced output to go to a display you need to chose the correct screen in the advanced output window. You do this by selecting your screen on the left hand side and choosing your output device on the right side in the 'device'-dropdown-menu (where it might say 'virtual output' in the beginning).

You can find more about the advanced output here:

Hope this solves your question,
Best Regards,

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