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Video record with alpha

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 22:32
by sefreso

I would like to know if anyone was able to record a video using the video record feature in resolume while keeping the alpha layer?

.mov files are supposed to be able to support an alpha layer

However, when I import back into Resolume the recorded video, there is no alpha layer anymore.


Re: Video record with alpha

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 15:35
by keil.corcoran
Hey dude! I signed up just to respond to this.

I too was vexed by the inability to record video within Resolume without alpha. Here's the solution.

1. Download Syphon Recorder. It's open source and works great.

2. In Resolume click Output>Texture Sharing(Syphon)

3. In Syphon Recorder, go to Preferences and choose Apple Animation as your codec. Check Preserve Alpha Channel.

4. Hit record in Syphon Recorder! Dunzo.

Hope this helped you!


Re: Video record with alpha

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 18:50
by Arvol
Resolume records using a TurboJPEG codec, this doesn't support Alpha.

IDK why, but this new craze for everyone wanting to record hour long VJ sets and the need for alpha is blowing my mind. Why the all of a sudden craze for this? This isn't what that feature was designed for.
It's a quick way to capture a look or a stack of looks, not meant as a performance recorder (who does that!??)

You can always add an auto mask FX to your clip, or use another app that is meant for long term recording with codec and output options to configure.

Re: Video record with alpha

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 17:27
by Arvol
You'll need a TouchPlayer Commercial License to record and output anything over 720p, and to enable NDI, but here's an app I made that will hold the last frame of any input source, in case of a drop out, but it also has a record function built in as well.

It outputs HAP Q at 60FPS with Audio.

Cheers. ... p=drive_fs