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Parameter automation - in/out point values not being reached

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 11:02
by subpixel
It seems that, when using Timeline, BPM Sync and Clip Position automation for an effect parameter, the end values are not reached. eg whe the parameter automation is set to the full range, the parameter does not end up with a value of 0.0 nor 1.0, whether in Loop (forward and backward), Bounce, or Random playback modes. Play Once & Hold mode does seem to work (the held value is the range limit, works for backwards and forwards directions).

Dashboard control works.

FFT mode with > hits the miniumum, but seems never the maximum (no matter how much I turn up the gain and the FFT visualiser is maxed out). Similarly < hits the maximum, but not the minimum.

FFT mode using the + and - options seems to have the same issue as Timeline, etc automation described above (neither max nor min value is hit).

Is this behaviour on purpose? There are a few cases where a strict 0 or 1 value causes a stark jump in a parameter's behaviour (from near-zero or neat 1), eg the Opacity for an effect. Avoiding these jumps is the only reason I can think of to avoid hitting the in/out point values exactly. I accept that there may be rounding/timing inconsistencies in the general case, however I don't think this is the problem.


Re: Parameter automation - in/out point values not being reached

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:30
by Zoltán
When you animate a parameter, it's value will be updated when rendering.
That happens around 60 times a second on most systems, so it can happen that the value of a parameter is jumping over the exact end point values between render passes.

FFT in > mode reaches around 99% percent for me, but this can be helped with a little envelope tweak easily.
Im not quite sure if FFT can reach 100% at all, because of floating point processing.