Resolume Input to MA2 for Pixel mapping.

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Resolume Input to MA2 for Pixel mapping.

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Hello Everyone,

My objective is to have Resolume input video content to MA for pixel mapping across my fixtures. I am already comfortable with bitmapping across fixtures from inside MA.

I currently use MA to control Resolume via Art-net but I am having trouble communicating the other direction and sending the Resolume output back into MA.

ACT has tutorials on this trough their website but the tutorials are referring to MA VPU's with little to no info on 3rd party media servers like Resolume.

In MA I have opened a Network Protocol for Art-net to INPUT at the range of fixtures I wish to control. Once I do this all of my fixtures loose control and start flashing chaotically. Which tells me some sort of communication is happening and that's as far as I get.

Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Resolume Input to MA2 for Pixel mapping.

Post by Arvol »

IMO I find it much easier to use Resolume as the DMX sender via artnet to your strip and just have MA control Resolume.

If you want to do it your way, you're going to eat up a lot of your allotted channels.

What you want to do is a DMX merge. So have Resolume come in on subnet 10 or something and have your strips patched to subnet 0 or something. Keep the channels 1:1 on both MA and Resolume. Then in MA you'll want to do a DMX merge to allow values coming in on subnet 10 or whatever to overwrite the values going out on subnet 0 or whatever.

Hope that makes sense :)

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