Comp size - Windows vs Mac

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Comp size - Windows vs Mac

Post by Janependa »

I am woking on a comp with 25000(+/-)*768 and 4 outputs.
I have a Clevo P775 with RTX2080 and a HP OMEN and they handle this size but not the 4 outputs so I will use the Macbook Pro Cylinder from the rental company. But it limits the comp to 16384*####.
Is there any way to fix this? Or this is an OS thing...
I know I can divide the the screen but to make it easier for the content creator and for me placing ndi footage that will be receiving where ever they want.
I also bought an TB3 to 2x HMDI 4k to connect to the thunderbolt 3 port on Clevo but it didn't work. The technicians at the clevo shop are looking at the bios etc to see if theres something they can enable to make this work.
Does anyone have any knowledge from any of this 2 things?
Thank you!!!

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Re: Comp size - Windows vs Mac

Post by Zoltán »

16384 is the maximum supported texture size of the mac GPU.
You can't change that.

What you could do, would be making your composition 12500x1536 instead 25000(+/-)*768, which is the same pixel count.
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Re: Comp size - Windows vs Mac

Post by Yuckfou157 »

Janependa wrote: Sat Jul 18, 2020 02:50 Hi,
I am woking on a comp with 25000(+/-)*768 and 4 outputs.
Just wondering, what kind of project are you doing that you use such a crazy amount of pixels? I'm VJ'ing for over 8 years now and never went beyond 3x HD or 2x 4K :shock:

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