Two card stutter

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Two card stutter

Post by f.tomaszewski »

We are running an 8 projector setup using 2x 1080 TI ( 8x 1920 x 1200)

Overall the hardware seems almost like overkill, the cpu is i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz, there's 32gb of ram SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB, task manager is showing the hardware is mostly idle, we are burning few percent of cpu and gpu. The contnent is a single dxv file, one layer, no effects.

The problem is ocassional but persistent stutter, it varies slightly, from once every few seconds to once a second or so, output gets frozen for a few (3-4) frames. There don't seem to be visible load spikes, my guess is that PCI bus gets stressed too much? transfering frames between gpus?

Has anyone experienced somethign similar, or could recommend what to check?

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Re: Two card stutter

Post by Empyfree »

Do you have access to any 4K monitors? Remove one of the GpU cards and see if you get better results outputting all the pixels from a single card. Resolume have always recommended avoiding two card setups.

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Re: Two card stutter

Post by dreamaticos »

Correct. They made a pretty great guide here:

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