Issues creating fixtures

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Issues creating fixtures

Post by djrummer »

Also -

When creating an advanced output - Ctrl S save doesn't seem to work. I have to create a fixture.
save and close. then reopen Advanced output?!

This just seems so silly and so easy to fix...

i was creating a bunch of fixtures and slices. in the midst of that....
Resolume crashed.

and all my work is lost.

I can't believe a content creation software that crashes without warning can't autosave.

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Re: Issues creating fixtures

Post by Zoltán »

Moved to it's own topic.

Creating a fixture with advanced output open, updates the fixture list in the advanced output for me. Don't have to save anything, just focus the Advanced output, and open the fixture list.

Found your crash report in our inbox.
We're working on an issue where renaming a slice or fixture, and clicking with the mouse outside the text box can cause a crash in some cases.
Sounds like this could be the same you also did.
Try keeping in mind to end text input hitting Enter instead until we can fix this properly.
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