RGB in Effects not retained

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RGB in Effects not retained

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if one or more of the RGB channels WITHIN EFFECTS (any) is modified, say "G" channel is unclicked (un-pink), and then the effect is saved, upon applying the effect, the "RGB" changes are not retained (yet the other parameters are retained). once you click on one of the "RGB", then the effect goes into place, yet if you clear the effect and re-apply it, again the same issue.

also, at times, effects just stop functioning with or without a lot of activity going on in resolume; if one clicks here and there, sometimes effects start again, sometimes not (and this even applies to your demo deck (included with 2.3), testing 1 effect on 1 layer only).

again, i have a fresh new partition with nothing but 2.0 and 2.3 and the necessary sch-tuff to run resolume, no other junk.

are others experiencing the same issues?

peace-olah, juLiE

Operating System: XP, SP1
Processor: AMD Athlon 2800
Videocard: Nividia GeForce4 MX
Files type: AVI; 720x480, 29fps, data rate 682 klps, 18 sec.
Codec: Indeo 5.2
VOB/Compressor Tool: VirtualDubMod

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