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Loading decks

Post by gpvillamil »

This happened to me at a gig:

Resolume started "cranky", so I quit & rebooted. Everything looked OK, except that after loading the first deck, no other decks would load. The decks appeared listed, but double-clicking, or dragging the deck, would do nothing.

Now it seems to be working again...

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yes, loading deck issue

Post by juLiE »

[using 2.3 decks in 2.4]
[please note: when first running res., i can load decks in all deck slots ok & new ones ontop of current ones too, it's after mixing a bit that issue arises]
went back to 2.4beta, but seems like both 2.4F & Beta have deck loading issues. what's also strange is that when this happens, i've noticed a pattern of loosing my "other notes" settings (but not my "controllers" settings!) in my midi file (one i've created, not standard midi.xml).

when time permits, will try to see if pattern w/deck issue exists. however, what happens is that after mixing for even a little bit, and loading another deck (drag/double click/clear deck ahead of time), nothing is loaded (tried several decks), however currently loaded decks still play fine.

one time this happened when i did a few things while normally mixing w/effects/etc., however don't know if they are related; changed screen resolution output and used layer 2 with play mode to random, alternating back & forth between alpha/add/al and timeswitcher.

b-p-o, juLiE

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Post by vj.döppler »

Same problem to me!

Compared with 2.3:
TOO SLOW to load (when launched)
TOO SLOW to quit (a lot of deinitializing 'stuffs')
Crashes everytime i quit. Error message:
'InvalidPointer' -or something like that.
Many times 'Decks' cannot be loaded, i need to restart the program many times to get the decks to be loaded. (Imagine that i'm at the party and all the audience is waiting... for me!, i mean, for the program to load the decks (10~15 minutes).) :-S not good.
I CAN load 6 decks with no problem... but when try to load the 7th... nothing happens. no matter WHAT decks i load, i can ONLY load 6 decks. :-S, but after several restarts (more than 6) i can load ALL the decks.

3 bad things that needs to be corrected AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.!

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Post by sj1972 »

Hi döppler

I also sometimes have slow quit time and a crash when quitting - but about your deck load - you use quicktime right.. - try avi - it might solve your problems.


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Post by vj.döppler »

Maybe... umh, i will try it and post comments when done. ;)

thanks Steen :cool:

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